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Our main goal is to help our audience as thousands of visitors visit oscillating guide for trusted tool reviews, tips and guide.

You can help by providing high quality articles for our readers.

if you are a professional in DIY and home improvements tools, message us to the following mail along with your ideas and sample of your previous work (if any).

Email: oscillatinguide@gmail.com

Subject line: Want to submit guest post.

Rules of Submission

  • Must be %100 unique and plagiarism free.
  • Minimum 700 words
  • Add only one link in the article.
  • No grammatical/typographical errors.
  • No spun article.
  • No any link to casino, porn or any other harmful website.


  • We have rights to edit the article to make better fit with our site’s content.
  • If anyone comments to your post, you must reply.
  • Submit informational not any type of promotional content.

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