How to Use Oscillating Tool to Remove Grout [The Proven Methods]

What used to be a finely made grout can get loose, cracked or stained. When dealing with stained grout, many do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) clean with scouring powder and bleach – except that it may refuse to appear as close as it was in the past.

Whether loose, cracked or stained, the best way to tackle a grout is to remove it. Professionals may remove a grout appropriately using the best oscillating tools but the DIYers may find such a task challenging. This is because the oscillating may chip off a part of the tile when not used properly.

This guide on how to use the oscillating tool to remove grout will describe the ways to remove grout. But before going deep down you may learn why an oscillating tool is the best choice to remove grout. 

Removing Grout with Oscillating Tools

DIYers can well use their hands to remove grout from tiles. But this is stressful and time wasting. An easier and faster means is using a manual or an electric grout removal (power oscillating tool).

Using the manual oscillating tool, DIYers can adopt the following grout removal tips:

How to remove grout with manual oscillating tool

Removing grout with a manual oscillating tool is less effective compared with the electric or power oscillating tool. Manual oscillating tools have two types: the screwdriver-like manual tool with a triangular carbide blade and the saw-like manual tool with a carbide grit-edged blade.

Using the first type of manual tools, users can plunge the tool into a grout joint until some fraction of the grout is removed.

The other type of manual tools can cut the grout just as a saw can cut into the wood.

How to remove grout with electric or power oscillating tool

Grout may be removed faster with using the power tool. This tool has an in-built integrated interface for switching accessories. This helps users select the best accessories for specific tasks. Sea Slug Team helped me about knowing this.

When using the electric oscillating tool, user must do the following things:

Step 1: Attach a relevant accessory

Users must first attach the accessory that can best remove the grout to the integrated interface of the oscillating tool.

Step 2: Get hold of a chisel or screwdriver

It is important for the users to get hold of a chisel or screwdriver to remove the remaining bits of the grout even after using the power tool. There are usual bits from the grout which cannot be removed with the power tool.


It can be difficult and tricky to remove grout from the bathroom or the kitchen tiles. However, it is more difficult to remove grout with the hands than it is with the oscillating tool. Hence, learning how to use oscillating tool to remove grout is necessary for DIYers to remove grout without stress.

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