Projects You Can Do with An Oscillating Multi-Tool

Projects You Can Do with An Oscillating Multi-Tool

Oscillation multi-tool is one of the underrated tools among the DIYers. Most probably you have one of these oscillating tools and you have been satisfied with how much duty it has served. For household and backyard usage these tools are super handy and great to use.

You can cut, grind, polish, scrap and do tons of works with these. If you don’t own any oscillating tools, then here are some projects that you might need these tools for.

Projects with An Oscillating Multi-Tool

There are many things you can do with a perfect oscillating tool, that is why it is also called as a multitool or multipurpose tool. Here are some examples you can see to know more.

Smoothening wooden surfaces

If you ever worked on your wooden furniture or any woodworks, then you most probably know that finishing the surface with sanding papers is a painful job for anyone. The oscillating tools can do this job very fast and will not even cost that much.

In this case, you will not have to buy so many sanding papers that you had to change like when you hand sanded.

You just have to attach the right sanding plate and sanding paper to the oscillating tool, and it will do the job.

Smoothening wooden surfaces with oscillating tool

The plates you will find most of them are triangular shaped. The advantages here will be that you will be able to sand the woods to the corner and narrow ends.

Paint removal

Suppose you have been working on a project where you have to apply paint on a surface where it’s already painted. Like painting your old bikes, doors or even walls then you might need an oscillating tool to remove the old, rusty, worn peeling paint from the surface.

So, you can spray or brush new paint on the surface. It’s like securing the surface from oxidation again.

By attaching sanding pad and sanding paper of small grits you will be able to take out the shiny surface underneath the paint easily.

Removing grouts

Unlike the spinning grinding tools, the oscillating tool does not have any high spinning blades. At first, we said because when you use the grinding tool for removing grouts from in between the tiles or walls or floors of your house, it spreads the dust everywhere.

Like it’s uncontrollable. But the oscillating tools do not do that. It has oscillating heads that move back and forth to remove the grouts.

You will find many types of blades to remove grouts or many types of grout removal tools. For doing it with an oscillating tool, you have to select the blades according to the size of the grouts that you want to remove.

Removing caulks

In the washrooms or kitchen, you often use the caulk to cover up the open area between tiles. And you know if you are a DIY person, this caulks get hard when it gets hard and dried and removing excess caulks is impossible for bare hands.

And even using many sanding tools, it is a time-consuming job. You can get it done using the oscillating tool within a very short time. You can use the same blade that you used for removing grouts from in between tiles.

Cutting pipes and metals Parts

Just because the oscillating tools have very strong and powerful movement and it can slip into very small places, they are very useful for plumbers. Plastic pipes and metal pipes often come out longer than it needed to be, and you notice that after installation.

Cutting pipes and metals Parts:

You can cut them out and finish the ends to your recommended sizes just using a blade on the oscillating tool. If your oscillation tool is compact enough, the awkward angle and tight corners will never bother you.

Rust cleaning

Most of the time DIYers use a spinning tool to clean the rust from metal objects. In an escalation of time, metal parts may end up having oxidation or rust on them because of moisture in the air.

If you use the spinning tool it’s going to make a big mess by making the metal dust fly all over the area. But if you use a sanding pad and high speed you can get this job done without any mess.

Cutting openings

Suppose you need to make a hole through cardboards for your home project, but you are not getting the right angle to cut it with a saw. Then you must use an oscillating tool with a blade attached to the head. It gets the job done smoothly.

Besides all of these DIY house projects, you will find many usages of oscillation tool in your daily house business. So, it’s always better to have one in your garage.

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