Cool Oscillating Tool Uses

Cool Oscillating Tool Uses | Where Does it Perform Best

Oscillating tools can be used for a variety of projects with different needs such as cutting through almost any sort of materials, scraping off stuff from any surface, as well as grinding and sanding with the aid of exchangeable accessories.

There are multiple uses of an oscillating tool. I will now talk about some of the ways an oscillating tool can come in handy in the best oscillating tool review.

Trim Door Casings

Remove Old Paint using an oscilllating tool

If you are installing a new floor, you might need to trim down the bottom ends of your door casings and jambs to make the flooring fit correctly. The oscillating tool is great for that. You need to get a flush cutting wood blade attachment for doing this. With this, you can then hold the blade flat against the flooring and plunge cut straight into the casing and lastly can remove the severed piece of wood.

Remove Old PaintRemove Old Paint using an oscilllating tool

Removing old and peeling paint can be a tedious job. Thankfully, an oscillating tool can come in handy in this case. You need to get a steel scraper blade attachment with your oscillating tool to remove the loose paint. Then you should switch to sanding pad to smooth down the surface. Start with a coarsely textured sanding pad and then convert to a finer textured one until you get that desired smoothness.

Salvage Room Molding

Salvage Room Molding using an oscillating tool

Taking off wood molding without damaging it is impossible without an oscillating tool. Install in a fine tooth metal cutting blade attachment. This will help you slice through multiple coats of dried paint, finishing nails and caulking at once. You can use this technique to safely remove any type of room trim such as baseboard, chair rail, door and window casings and shoe cleaning.

Sand It Smooth

Sand It Smooth using an oscillating tool
Sanding using an oscillating tool

Manufacturers these days have countless types of sanding arrangements. These can be used to smooth down wood, wood fillers, and even clear topcoat finishing. The most popular sanding attachment is the large triangular shaped ones as it is effective in smoothing down broad and flat surfaces. There are also options when you need to smooth down tight corners and narrow crevices using an oscillating multi tool.

Cut Through Plumbing Pipes

how to use oscillating tool
Cutting through Plumbing pipe

As your oscillating tool can literally cut through any sort of material, it should not come as a surprise that you can cut through the plumbing pipes. With an appropriate blade attachment, you can easily slice through plastic, copper and metal pipes. The oscillating tool is compact and the blade can adjust to various angles so you can work in awkward angles and narrow spaces as well, such as behind the walls, in ceilings, under the floors, and inside the closets.

Grind Away the Grout

Rockwell RK5151K F80 Review
grind away the grout

Nothing works better than an oscillating tool for grinding away grout. You can get a carbide grit grout removal attachment and use it to grind the grout from the joints between the floor and wall tiles. The best part is, it won’t even splatter dust all over the room, since the blade oscillated back and forth, instead of spinning. This type of grout removal blades come in different thicknesses to be used on wide and narrow grout joints. An oscillating multi tool should do this easily.

Scrape Away Dried Glue

You can get a scraper attachment and use it to scrape away dried glue. This can be used for peeling up vinyl tiles and stripping old silicone as well. We believe that this will come in handy when you need to work on an old surface to try to renovate it.

Other than these aforementioned jobs, the oscillating tool can be used for multiple jobs such as the following.

  • Setting up hinges
  • Setting up door knob plates
  • Trimming down paintings
  • Cutting back a baseboard
  • Pulling up carpets

So you already know how powerful and oscillating tool is. For a home owner and DIYer an oscillating tool is an ideal choice.

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