The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Watering

Knowing how to treat your lawn is very important. If you do not apply water to your lawn at the right time it could be more harmful than good. Believe it or not there are special things that you need to do if you want to have that special lawn. If you are to apply too much water or too little your lawn is going to suffer. If you desire that lush green lawn that sparkles you need to be certain of the right amount water used as well as time at which you water.

a guide to lawn watering

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Choose the right time for lawn watering

People often wonder when they should water their lawn. Why is it important to water your lawn at a specific time? If you are an individual who prefers to perform this chore during the night just know that your lawn
will remain wet for a much longer time.  This can lead to fungus and other problems for your lawn. Conversely, if you water in the scorching sun of the midday, the opposite happens. The lawn does not have enough moisture. Thus the water tends to be really useless.

The perfect time for lawn watering

The right time for lawn watering is essentially in the early morning. During the hours of 4AM and 8AM is the prime time. It is important that this time is used because sufficient time is given for water absorption. This allows the roots to properly grow. Additionally, when you water your lawn at this time it does water to adequately travel through the soil and never leave the soil saturated. Do not water your lawn for too long a time. Keep this down.  It is not wise to water your lawn after 4:00 PM. If you are using a sprinkler it is very easy to set it to water your lawn at specific times. Never water your lawn immediately before sunset.

The right length of time for watering the lawn

The recommended time for the watering of your lawn is up to 35 minutes daily two days weekly. When it is that hot time of the year you are required to do a bit more watering probably an additional day’s worth. It also may be very easy to include an oscillating sprinkler in your lawn care.

Always consider your region

Your location has a lot to do with your soil. If you reside in an area that has a lot of rain then you will obviously need to water your lawn much least than someone who lives in a very hot climate. The soil’s texture would also be very different. It is of the utmost importance to keep these things into consideration when you are watering your lawn. You need to know your soil.

It is essential that you are completely aware of what type of soil you have the climatic conditions associated with your region. These are some very critical factors to consider when caring for your soil.

Watering made easy with an Oscillating Sprinkler

The oscillating sprinkler is the most popular type of sprinkler around.  It uses a fan like spray of water and it can usually cover an area of up to 30 feet. This type of sprinkler is defined as the best. They distribute the water evenly and do not leave gaps like many other types of what systems. It is also very important that you take time
when watering areas that are close to the sidewalk or driveway. This areas tend to be very dry and often require added attention.

How to handle Latent Lawns?

There is not much you can do for those dry lawns in the hot season. If you try to over water this
lawn it will be very difficult to get it to a healthy state. What is best is that you use the deep watering technique on your lawn only at the fitting hours to revive it. It is suggested that you water up to six inches deep. This simple means that the length of time used for watering this type of lawn would have to greatly increase. This method will allow your lawn to survive until better climatic conditions arrive.

How to get your lawn greener?

It is all about checking your watering equipment carefully and watering your lawn at the right time. Once this is done you can get a greener lawn. If you want a greener and healthier looking lawn it is important that you do the following.

Check the water pressure of your sprinkler

It is important that when you turn on your water valve you that the pressure is properly checked. A sprinkler that is not working properly can lead to damaged pipes and your lawns will not be adequately watered.

Purchase a water pressure gauge

A possible solution to the problem presented could be the purchasing of a water pressure gauge. This instrument is linked to the faucet of your hose and it provides a reading about the water traveling through the hose. A specific range is provided and if you are out you know that you need to make changes.

Use a container as a guide

A simple trick that you can use to help keep your lawn green is to get a container and place it within the sprinkler’s range. Measure the amount of water caught in the container. If it is less than inch you know you have a proper functioning water system. Anything that is more or less you know you need to make the adjustments.

Which is better for your lawn a sprinkler or hose?

Many individuals often wonder which of the two provide the better water flow for their lawn. Is it the
hose or a sprinkler? The fact of the matter is that it does not really matter. However as it relates to convenience it is much harder to stand and water your lawn for long periods of time. A sprinkler works automatically and
does the work while you can be doing something else. Additionally, a when it relates to lawn watering a sprinkler delivers the more optimum amount of water per area when compared to a hose.

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Summing Up

To conclude watering your lawn is a technical task. There are several things that you need to consider when doing this. You should always be aware of your region. It is important to know your soil and your climate conditions. Additionally, you should try to use an oscillating sprinkler if you are looking for the best type of water irrigation system. There are also a few tips presented above that can help you to produce that healthier and greener lawn. Remember that lawn watering should be performed at the prime times and it is unwise to over water your lawn.