How to Sharpen Oscillating Tool Blade

How to Sharpen Oscillating Tool Blade | Money Saving Guide

The blades of oscillating tools are not supposed to last long. However, users sometimes end up blunting them quickly by mistakenly hitting a wall or other hard surfaces when cutting building materials such as wood. This could be a costly mistake; the blades of oscillating tools are usually expensive, costing as high as $20 (depending on the region), and changing them often could create deep holes in the users’ wallet. This guide will show home users how to sharpen oscillating tool blade and save the cost of getting new ones. First, here are the signs of a dull oscillating tool blade:

Signs of dull oscillating tool blade

  • Color / shade of blade:

Usually, sharp blades appear darker than the blunt ones. Therefore, the first sign to look at is if the blade is light and shiny. If it is, be certain that the blade is dull.

  • Reflection of light:

Also, another sign of a dull blade is when the oscillating tool blade is intersected by a visible line that reflects light.

  • Makes noise and vibrates:

Power oscillating tools are powerful and can make a lot of noise when in operation. Some of them also have a high vibration rate. However, a dull blade aggravates the noise and the vibration from the oscillating tool.

  • Makes smoke:

Users may also detect a dull blade by looking out for how bad it emits smoke during operation.

how to sharpen oscillating tool blade

There are different ways for sharpening different oscillating tool blades. For instance, Fein Multi-Master blade sharpening may differ slightly from blade sharpening of other brands of oscillating tool.

Consequently, users are recommended to read the product manual for instructions on the ideal method for ensuring the longevity of the blade.

Users may decide to use oscillating saw blade sharpener or multi-blade sharpener to sharpen their tool blades faster and effectively. However, this can be a little expensive considering the cost of getting the sharpening device or paying for sharpening.

For less expensive sharpening, users can use the following shaping tool tips to sharpen a carbide blade:

Wet Grinding method

The wet grinding method may help users restore their tool blades to how to they were originally. For sharpening, users will have to get a fine grit diamond abrasive wheel on an automatic grinder.

A part of each tooth of the blade is hone by locking a tip in place for sharpness.

Manual Sharpening method

Users can also sharpen their tool blades manually. They will sharpen one tooth at a time for even sharpness and control each stroke in doing so.


It is important that home users learn how to sharpen oscillating tool blade to avoid inefficiency and prevent cost of buying new blades. However, sharpening the oscillating tool blade is only recommended for users who have no need to replace their oscillating tool blades.

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