History of Oscillating tool [Infographic]

History of Oscillating tool [Infographic]

Portable power tools bring revolutionary changes in modern world both for the professionals and DIYers. This becomes an indispensable part of our life. Oscillating multi tools are the one of the new addition in portable power tool world though its history is not new. Here we have created an infographic focusing the history of oscillating tool.

Actually the history of oscillating tool largely connected to the history of Fein Multimaster because Fein was the only oscillating tool patient holder the then first 25 years of oscillating tool history.

Early 1960’s oscillating tool was not a woodworking tool or a metal cutting tool but was a tool used as medical equipment to remove the plaster. However, Fein upgraded this tool step by step and to the modern era, this tool is really awesome and inimitable power tool in power tool market.

Fein ensured quality tools adding new innovative features to their newer versions. But they keep high price earlier. Now the prices of this tools become quite in affordable limit due to a lot of power tool brands are available in the market.

Now, this day’s a lot of attachments found with the multi tool such as sanding attachments, metal cutting blades and so on. Though the oscillating tool is not a perfect sander for a large surface area sanding but this an ideal tool for sanding narrow spaces with high accuracy, I think so. Oscillating tool sanding performance is really satisfactory.

Cordless version in power tools is remarkable.

I astonished when I heard that Fein innovated almost zero vibration oscillating tool and 2000 OPM (oscillation per minute). Really amazing. As I am working with power tools from a long time and I know the difference between the old one and new version one.

I hope that you will enjoy this infographic and share with others. Let’s see it.

History of oscillating tool an Infographic

History of oscillating tool
History of oscillating tool


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