Genesis GMT15A Review | Cheap Oscillating Tool

Genesis GMT15A Review | Cheap Oscillating Tool

Are you a builder or a contractor? Are you looking for the ideal oscillating tool for your practice? If yes is your answer, then Genesis GMT15A review, best cheap oscillating tool, is what you need to check out. I have been working as a contractor for the past 25 years. It has been a challenging field to work in but with the introduction of newer and more sophisticated tools such as the Genesis GMT15A oscillating tool, I can say that work has been going on quite well.

I was once assigned a task in which i was required to cut out infested and rotten parts of an old expensive entry door jamb as well as other multiple precision sanding jobs. I needed the oscillating tool in order to make my work easier so i decided to check out some of the best tools available. A brilliant idea was to go direct into checking the reviews of these tools. This is how i landed on the Genesis GMT15A review, bought it and i have been using it ever since. I have also used it for close- quarter sawing as well as power scrapping.

Genesis GMT15A The Best Cheap Oscillating Tool
Genesis GMT15A The Best Cheap Oscillating Tool


This tool is quite versatile and can also be for home remodelling, repair and restoration. Its vastly interchangeable accessories make it ideal for grinding, scrapping, cutting and sanding. It can be used to slice a good number of building materials including metal, plastic, cement, wood and drywall among others. The tool is quite sturdy and light as a result of the aluminium used in its manufacture. So what does the Genesis GMT15A review, best cheap oscillating tool, entail?

Features of the Genesis GMT15A

The key noticeable features of this remarkable oscillating tool include:

1. A die-cast aluminium housing. This improves the dissipation of heat thereby increasing its life service.

2. A designed flange having 4 pins. This helps to firmly hold the accessories that are used with it.

3. It is capable of making 21,000 oscillations in a single minute. This makes it an ideal tool for cutting, grinding, sanding and scrapping.

4. It comprises an alien wrench, a cut and segment blade, scrape blade, sand paper and a Delta sanding pad.

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Multi-Tool

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

. Powerful and lightweight (less than four pounds in weight)

. Conviniently cheap

. Easily controlled hence user friendly

. Portable

. It is quite messy especially when grouting. This is because its exhaust vents are strong thereby blowing fine particles all over as you are grouting. This however, can be dealt with by wetting the grout.

. It is quite noisy. You can put on protective gadgets.

. It gets heated within 30 to 45 minutes of use and becomes difficult to hold. You might need to let it rest for a period of 10 to 15 minutes before work resumption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the price of the tool?
Answer: It is quite cheap and goes for an average of about $50.

2. What are the main features of the tool?

Answer: 21,000 oscillations per minute, 4-pin flange design and a die-cast aluminium housing.

3. What are some of the uses of the tool?

Answer:  Ideal for cutting, scrapping, gringing and sanding among several other uses.

4. Does it have a warranty?

Answer:  Yes, the tool has different warranties depending on where from it is bought.

Genesis GMT15A’s Overall Rating

I will give it a rating of 4 out of the possible 5. It is a remarkable tool that has limitations which can be handled. If you are looking for the ideal tool for your home use, Genesis GMT15A review, is worth checking out. It can be used to trim door jambs and cabinets for installation. It can also be used to remove old glue and paint as well as chiselling door hinges. Further home uses are vinyl flooring and carpeting.

Final Verdict

The Genesis GMT15A obviously has competition from other high-end oscillating tools. There is however, no need of spending over $100 to buy the high end tools if this simple tool can do just about any job. I cannot clarify issues based on its durability because i just bought mine recently, a month ago to be precise. For the period of time i have used it though, it has been quite efficient and i still use it up to date.

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