Fein Multimaster review | Everything you need to know

Fein Multimaster Review | Everything You Need to Know

There are various brands of oscillating multi tools in the market today. Many of them have prided themselves as the fastest, strongest and quietest. Some have even claimed to be the most affordable oscillating tools that a professional or home user can get. However, this Fein multimaster review will show the qualities that abound in Fein Multi Master 350Q, the flagship of Fein multi-functional oscillating tool.

What is Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool used for?

Already, Fein Power Tool Inc. have positioned themselves as a master brand in making widely acclaimed corded and cordless oscillating tools.

Fein Multi Master accessories make professionals more productive by completing works easily and quickly. The Fein Multi Master 350 Q is designed to meet this standard and even improve on it.

Talking about the Fein Multi Master 350 Q Oscillating tool, there are noticeable improvements in the functionality and the design when compared with its predecessor. Launched in 2014, this tool is a corded multi-functional oscillating and many reviewers have featured it on the lists of recommended and top rated oscillating tools.

Fein Multi Master 350Q
Fein Multi Master 350Q

Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating Tool review

It is perfect for working on renovations and constructions at home or at the workshop. This power tool can help users saw, trim, cut and polish building materials accurately when performing heavy duty productions or easy day-to-day tasks.

Fein Multi Master 350 Q oscillating tool can cut through building materials (such as metal, hardwood, plastic, cement, glass and much more) with ease and is a tool that is ideal for doing very technical jobs such as removing grout that is close to glass windows.

More so, Fein Multi master oscillating tool can complete more difficult tasks (such as plunge cutting hardwood for flooring) faster. While it can also complete other easy tasks (such as scraping paint on the wall) safely.

Features/Fein Multi Master Parts

Tool-enthusiasts, who have read different Fein Multimaster review in the past, would understand what it means for the predecessor of Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool (Fein Multi Master 250 Starter Kit) to be improved on.

This is especially true since the earlier Fein Multi Master model is remarkably quiet when in operation, it vibrates less and perform tasks faster.

Apart from being 50% more quiet that the earlier Fein Multi Master model, the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool has the following features:

fein multimaster infographics
Features of Fein multimaster 350Q Oscillating tool

  • More Power

Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool packs more power than its predecessor. With a whooping 350W motor and an 110V, this multi oscillating tool can cut faster and most of the important benefit is, you can run it anywhere by use a quiet portable generator. This makes it more suitable than most tools for performing tasks which need high speed, such as plunge cutting an oak wood.

  • Tacho Generator

This oscillating multi tool from Fein comes with the tacho generator for maintaining speed in operation even when there is a load on the power tool.

  • Tough Power cord

Made of quality industrial cable, the strong power cord of the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool helps professionals who perform heavy duty tasks.

The power cord features improved industrial cable and rubber for durability and flexibility.

  • Cooling Fan

Apart from the other internal features that this power tool comes with, it has a cooling fan for keeping temperatures down in operations. What this translates to is the prevention of overheat and ensuring that the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool can serve users for a long time.

  • Ergonomic Design

With a sleek, compact design, the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool can be easily handled by users.

The ergonomic features of this oscillating tool make working in awkward positions easy and tasks in tight spaces may be quickly completed.

  • Anti-vibration

It is said by those who have done different Fein MultiMaster reviews that the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool has up to 70% less vibration when compared with its predecessor and other oscillating tool brands.

Upon handling this oscillating power tool, most users will agree that this tool is the best oscillating tool that they have ever handled because of its zero-vibration feature.

  • Integrated interface

Oscillating tools can complete many tasks because they come with interchangeable accessories. The Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating features integrated interface for attaching accessories that are specific for completing different tasks.

Fein Multimaster Review – 350Q Oscillating tool

The general consensus amongst lovers of tools and professionals, at different Fein Multi Master 350 Q reviews, is that the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool is arguably the best that is available at tool stores.

They have arrived at this conclusion because of the following reasons:

  • Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool emits less noise and has low vibration rate when in use.
  • This oscillating power tool is faster than many multi-functional tools.
  • Depending on the region, this oscillating tool from FEIN is affordable.
  • Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool features a sleek design that makes it easy for users to handle in tight spaces and difficult positions.
  • This multi-tool is rugged and feature a cooling fan which helps it serve users for a long time.

Some professionals have lodged the following complaints concerning the Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool:

  • At 14.4 lbs, users may find it difficult to use Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool for an extended period.
  • This corded oscillating multi-tool has a carrying case that does not befit a top-notch power tool.

More Information (Spec)

Weight: 14.4 lbs

Dimension: 19 x 5.5 x 12.8 inches

Power source: Corded – electric

Special Feature: Starlock blade System

Warranty: Available (up to three years)

Manufacturer: FEIN Power Tools Inc.

Conclusion & Recommendation

For many tool lovers and professional who desire a new oscillating tool, Fein Multi Master 350Q Oscillating tool is about the best that they can get at tool stores.

As shown in the Fein Multimaster review, this power tool from FEIN features all the qualities of the best oscillating tools. It has many advantages without any tangible disadvantages, unlike most oscillating power tools.

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