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Dremel Velocity Review | Dremel VC6001

Oscillating tools are extremely cost-effective devices used to perform an array of tasks which typically required various separate tools. These handy devices can perform a range of tasks through the use of different attachments available, including the ability to saw, sand, rasp, grind, scrape, cut and polish. This article aims to highlight the benefits of these tools through a Dremel velocity review, a notable oscillating tool available on Amazon.

The Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp tool is one of the most versatile oscillating tools on the market. Why should you consider the Dremel velocity when purchasing tools for your next project? Well, compared to other oscillating tools, the Dremel velocity offers faster cutting speeds, meaning that it is better suited for rough cutting jobs than traditional oscillating tools.

Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper-Oscillating Ultimate Remodeling Tool Kit

The Dremel velocity effectively bridges the gap between beefier cutting tools, such as circular and reciprocating saws that are more frequently used for rough cutting applications, and other conventional oscillating tools. Thus, if you are looking for the most powerful and versatile oscillating tool on the market, the Dremel velocity is for you.

Dremel Velocity Review & Key Features

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In our Dremel velocity review, we will begin by highlighting the primary features of the tool that set it apart from the competition. This powerful tool offers numerous features that set it apart from other conventional tools, and oscillating tools on the market today. Known for it’s power and versatility, the Dremel Velocity boasts leading specifications for it’s class.

High-performance 7.0 Amp Motor


The Dremel velocity features a powerful 7-amp motor, allowing it to take on tough jobs traditionally managed by more powerful, specialized tools. Most conventional oscillating tools only offer 3-4 Amp motors, limiting their utility with more demanding cutting jobs. The Dremel Velocity has the capability to handle even the toughest cutting jobs, including sheet wood, and even dimensional lumber such as 2x4s!

Precision and Hyper-Speed Modes


Different materials require different cutting speeds, particularly depending on the intricacy of the cut. Dremel designed the Velocity oscillating tool with two separate cutting speeds, precision and hyper-speed, in order to maximize its utility with both straight-cuts, and precision cuts. As we previously mentioned, this tool was designed with versatility in mind, and there is no better example of this than the cutting speed variability.

Extra-wide 5-degree Oscillating Angle


The Dremel Velocity offers an extra-wide 5-degree oscillating angle which facilitates fast and aggressive cuts. This allows for the quicker cutting of heavier lumber, such as sheet wood, and dimensional lumber.

Integrated Swing-out Control Foot


Worried about the accuracy of your cuts given the size of the Dremel Velocity oscillating tool? The swing-out control foot provides this accuracy, and is used to rest on the material being cut and used to support the machine as it cuts, similar to a shoe on a circular saw or jigsaw.

As with any tool, there are pros and cons to the Dremel Velocity, particularly given its status as a high-powered oscillating tool. In our  review, we outline some of the most common and notable pros and cons.

The Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp
The Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp


  • Powerful motor allows the Dremel Velocity to undertake more demanding cuts than other conventional oscillating tools
  • Swing out control foot allows for maximum precision when conducting even the toughest cut.
  • Variable speed of the oscillating tool allows for increased versatility when cutting, depending on whether the cut is complex, or straight.


  • The Dremel Velocity does not offer any anti-vibration technology, meaning that you can likely expect higher-than-average vibration given the power of the tool.
  • The tool is a little heavier than other oscillating tools, weighing in at 4.45 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the maximum depth of the cut available with the Dremel Velocity?

Answer: The Dremel Velocity is capable of cutting to a depth of approximately 1.5 inches.

Is the tool compatible with 220v input mains?

Answer: No, if you wish to use the Dremel Velocity in Europe, or anywhere else with 220v input mains, you will need to purchase a step-down transformer (220v to 110v).

Is there any cordless version of this tool? 

Answer: No, this is a corded remodeling tool which is very powerful one.

Does it fit with universal attachments? 

Answer: yes Dremel velocity fits with all the universal attachments.

Any grout removal attachments available with it? 

Answer: Unfortunately no, You have to order a grout removal attachment with it and you know Dremel velocity fits with universal oscillating tool attachments.

Any Built in LED there? 

Answer: A lot of oscillating tools have built in LED light now and even other Dremel models also providing built in LED light but in case of Dremel velocity no built in LED due to its compact design.

Dremel Velocity Final Verdict

If you are looking for a versatile multi-tool that also provides the power to undertake more demanding cutting jobs, typically handled by conventional power tools; the Dremel Velocity is the best option for you. In our Dremel Velocity review, we have worked to outline the various features, benefits, and drawbacks to the tool; and therefore, we recommend a thorough analysis of your requirements and the tool offering before making any purchasing decisions. All-in-all; however, the Dremel velocity is likely the most versatile oscillating tool on the market.

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