Cut Drywall with Oscillating Tool Using These Tips

How to Cut Drywall with Oscillating Tool: Tips and Guides for Enthusiasts

Oscillating multi-tool has become one essential handy tool for your home improvement projects and DIY projects. Most probably every house owns a piece of the multi oscillating tool in their house nowadays. We all know what benefits a simple oscillating tool serves. Like one is to cut drywall with oscillating tool. You can also make it smoother using the tools.

From removing paint to finishing any wooden surface is easily possible for an oscillating multi-tool. Today we will see how you can drill a hole or cut through any dry walls for your need.

Cut Drywall with Oscillating Tool Using These Tips

Here I will discuss some importance of cutting drywall with oscillating tools. And I will also talk about how to use them properly to cut drywall.

Why not knives:

You will see that basic cutting and slicing can be done with a simple utility knife. Simple utility knives are cheap and you will not have to have an electrical source to cut through and the tasks are fairly easy. It has a small tip that slices through drywall. But you will have to work on the techniques and use the right amount of pressure on it.

These are not effective when the question comes if these are accurate and precise or not. No, they are not. If you want to cut a round hole the task is not that easy. The knife tip shifts its way of moving a lot. Oscillating heads are stiff and they do not move away from the direction you want to cut through.

Why not hand saws:

Using hand saws is another way of cheap drywall cutting solution but it needs a lot of body strength and sometimes after long time sawing with hands you might get damages palm skins or hand aches. So, to minimize the time of cutting through drywall.

You will also need to start the start point hole. You may also need a tool for making start point hole while using the oscillating multi-tool but you can not ignore the fact that the precision will be maximized.

What is an Oscillating multi-tool

What is an Oscillating multi-tool?

If you have been listening to the name and don’t know what it is then here you go. An oscillating multi-tool is a handheld tool which has a tip that vibrates at a high speed. The principle is almost same a rotary tool or drill machine but the tip does not spin.

It vibrates up to 20000 times per minute. The handheld devices run on rechargeable batteries or through AC electricity lines. The tip oscillates at a very small angle and that maxes up to only three degrees. The vibration is so powerful that you can even feel the vibration on your hand.

On the tip of the oscillating tool, you can attach any kind of heads like pads to smoothen any surface. You can add different types of oscillating tool blades on it and cut through things like boards and woods or even metal. You can even remove grouts using diamond grits. This simple handheld tool can perform endless types of works.

Wall cutting procedures

Wall cutting procedures:

To cut through the wall you will have to be prepared several accessories and supplies and you will also have to make sure that you have maintained adequate precautions. But first of all, you have to be able to decide what size of the hole is going to be, what purpose is it going to serve and so many more things.


Needless to say, we will need an oscillating multi-tool. Make sure that it has the additional cords if it is electricity driven one or make sure that it has batteries charged if its battery drove. An extra battery is always helpful to have in your collection.

Have a pair of safety gloves that has a thick layer for protection. For protecting your eyes from any flying particles make sure that you have protective goggles on.

Wear shoes that are not conductive. This is necessary because if you catch up cutting any electrical lines or get electricity flowing through the machine you will be safe in that case.


Choosing sawblade is important because the saw blade changes the whole procedure of making a hole on the wall. For cutting drywalls you will find two kinds of blades and they are round and straight blades. The straight blades are good for plunge cuts and the rounds are good for cleaner cuts.

Saw blades


The whole procedure is fairly easy. Make the marks using a pencil or pen on the wall. If the hole is for installing wall switches make the squires precise and use a scale for reference.

Measure what size of the hole you may need and draw accurately. If you want the hole to round draw the round mark with the help of a compass.

On the line that you have made pinch a small hole using any pocking tool that will be helping your saws to sit on. You can start cutting without making any start point.

If you are using straight blades start cutting from a corner and gradually cut to another corner. Then take your blade off from the wall then gently press it on the wall and start the blade again. Make sure you have the full control on your blade.

If you are using round blade make sure you are stopping before reaching to any edge of a mark otherwise it will cut more then it is needed.

Last Few Words

When you have completed cutting all the edges the piece will fall out and now using any sanding paper smoothen the edges and now a hole on the wall is ready for installing any of your electrical switches or controls.

This is how the whole process of making a hole on drywall. Make sure you have taken enough safety measures to prevent any accidents.

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