Best Oscillating Sprinkler

Best Oscillating Sprinkler for Your Lawn and Garden

After months of hard work and a lot of sweat, I finally had my dream garden. Everything was growing in place and at the pace I wanted it to be. Sure it took several days of yelling at people, but I had it and was proud of it.

I made it a habit to always water the plants and lawn, but after a while, it got really tiring and time-consuming, and I had to hire someone to do it for me. That was until my neighbors pointed out that I should just get an oscillating sprinkler and get it over with. Sure someone had to lose their job, but a sprinkler was, in fact, a money saver. And honestly, an oscillating sprinkler would be a better alternative than having to install a huge sprinkling system that would probably cost me thousands of dollars.

To me, this was a compatible solution. Knowing myself, and how much of a perfectionist I am, I couldn’t just buy any sprinkler I found on a shelf or on a website. So I spent days looking, and finding a bunch of accurate reviews wasn’t very easy. That’s why I decided to do one for myself. I finally got the sprinkler in case you’re wondering, but I will attempt to pass on what I’ve gained as valuable information from my experience, and I hope you find these reviews about the best oscillating sprinkler helpful.

the best oscillating sprinkler

Among the oscillating sprinklers, we found GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler the best of the best.

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1. Lawn Sprinkler System – Water Garden Sprinkler Head – Outdoor Automatic Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinkler System is an ideal sprinkler for long term usage. Is featured with tough plastic which is unlikely to break or crack and is rock solid. Due to the hard plastic body there is no chance of rusts or corrosion. It is very durable and is expected to work seasons after seasons. It will save water and along with that will successfully cover the entire yard. It is able to rotate at full 360 degrees. The sprinkler coverage range is about 34 feet. Adjustment of the distance, width and intensity are available. It can cover up the space whether how large the yard is.

Has detailed instructions included which makes easy understanding of advantages and procedures. Has 100% money back guarantee offer available within 30 days. With improved metal body weight, the sprinkler stays very stable and is unlikely to turnover during the start of the water flow. The adjustment of this sprinkler is quickly understandable and easy to follow. Effective on both small and large lawns. Works well in any water pressure. The setup process is very easy and there is almost zero level of leakage. Overall the service of this product is satisfactory.

Lawn Sprinkler System - Water Garden Sprinkler Head

Lawn Sprinkler System – Water Garden Sprinkler Head

2. Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

With the width, range and flow control it can manage 3 adjustments. The range of this sprinkler can produce the adjustment of water movement from as little as 10 feet and as much as 75 feet. The width adjustment does provide watering pattern from 10 feet to 50 feet. In total it can cover up-to 4000 square feet. Integrated flow control dial allows micro adjustment which will enable you to optimize the water flow and limit the water wastage. Features infinity turbo motor which makes it operate smoothly at both low and high pressure with transmission gearing for the longest life. It also consists of extra cleaning tools, end plugs and sieve. You can use the range controller to minimize or maximize the water flow coverage. By using the range controller you can also change the direction of the water pattern to right, left or more towards center.

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Whether the yard is small, medium or large it will cover up all. The diameter of the water tube helps the water to sprinkle further, smoother and evenly from the 18 premised nozzles. The infinity turbo motor gives the oscillating sprinkler a limited life warranty. Has enough torque to push away any dirt or debris in the water hose. The transmission gearing can step down 7 times to deliver high torque with minimal loss of power. It weights only 1.2 pounds. The invention is beautifully designed and works flawlessly. Is quite time saving and easy to operate. Due to its lightweight body it tends to sift its position when the water is turned on. Although the product is considered quite well but sometimes you might experience unit leakage which is a very rare situation, better if well inspected before the purchase. Works pretty well with its limited life warranty.

3. Nelson 50945 Triple Spray Oscillating Sprinkler

If you are looking for wide coverage, this sprinkler is what you need. With up to 20 jets, it is sure to be more than you will need. The Nelson 50945 is one of the unique sprinklers, put together with care by professionals who have in mind your benefit and ease. It’s easy to manipulate and long-lasting, guaranteed to give satisfying results after every use. See it work in action!


The 3-in-1 sprinkler is an innovation from Robert Bosch Tool Corporation-Water Gardening. It comes as a solution for those who wish to cover areas of different sizes.


  • Triple spray, with 20, 12 or 6 jets that are easy to alternate.
  • Aquadrive motor working at full power.

Nelson 50945 Triple Spray Aqua-Drive Oscillating Sprinkler, Rezimar Base

Nelson 50945 Triple Spray Aqua-Drive Oscillating Sprinkler, Rezimar Base


  • The three spraying options allow you to cover different areas, with the 20 jets covering the widest, the 6 jets the narrowest, and the 12 jets a moderate area in between. This is a feature that is not easily found in other oscillating sprinklers and models. So, you won’t have to worry about buying different oscillating sprinklers for each area you wish to cover.
  • The previous option also acts as a money saver, since you will be paying less.
  • The Aquadrive motor uses a water-powered switching mechanism to reverse directions more quickly and save up on water lag and prevent loss.
  • The sprinkler can cover up to 3750 feet.


  • The sprinkler doesn’t turn off, and you might get soaked every time you have to adjust it.
  • The base is reportedly lighter than the previous models, and it might cause the sprinkler to move if you are using a heavy hose.

4. RAINWAVE Turbo Gear Oscillating Sprinkler Set with Timer

RAINWAVE Turbo Gear is the perfect sprinkler for those who wish not to worry about their garden and watering. The RAINWAVE oscillating sprinkler came as a result of intensive research in order to deliver only the best of the best. I have honestly looked around a lot and did very extensive research, and I would without any doubt classify this oscillating sprinkle on the top. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, order one now, and get the smashing price.


The turbo gear oscillating sprinkler comes with a plastic tube water barrel and 18 precision jets, and it just weighs 18 ounces. It is the ultimate choice for houses and backyards, and an easy solution for those who wish to do minimal maintenance and cleaning.


  • Integrated timer
  • Cover Up to 3700 Square Feet
  • Integrated nozzle cleaning tool
  • Precision jets
  • Long life motor

RAINWAVE Turbo Gear Oscillating Sprinkler Set with Timer, Cover Up to 3700 Square Feet

RAINWAVE Turbo Gear Oscillating Sprinkler Set with Timer, Cover Up to 3700 Square Feet


  • The integrated timer allows you to control your sprinkler from afar and without getting wet. In fact, you can set up the timer to any time you want and just abandon it to its own accord. You won’t have to worry about if you forgot to turn on the sprinklers before leaving the house or not.
  • The integrated cleaning tool makes cleaning the sprinkler easier and less messy.
  • You won’t have to worry about the sprinkler breaking down or dying anytime soon with the turbo motor that is sure to last long and provide maximum air and water spraying.
  • The plastic is proven to survive falls and light bumps, and that also according to many users who have tried the RAINWAVE and reported to being very satisfied with its performance.
  • Can cover up to 3700 square feet.


  • It is not so easy to manipulate and cover narrow spaces with the 18 jets.
  • The sprinkler is very lightweight which makes me doubt its stability.

5. GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler

GARDENA ZoomMaxx The best oscillating sprinkler out there. It is a never before seen invention. From small gardens and backyards to immense public spaces, the ZoomMaxx can provide what you need and more. This is the go-to sprinkler for the best ease of mind. I personally recommend you get one now while there is still time; these models are getting out of stock faster than you think. Act quickly before you regret it!


GARDENA ZoomMaxX Oscillating Sprinkler is a compact oscillating sprinkler with adjustable controls. Length adjustable from 10 to 60 feet, width from 10 to 40 feet. Area coverage from 76 to 2,300 sq. feet. The Gardena sprinkler is easy to manipulate and anyone can work it.


  • Adjustable controls for width, length and water flow
  • Compact oscillating sprinkler
  • 16 flexible water nozzles
  • Sealed turbo gear

GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler on Weighted Sled Base


  • The oscillating sprinkler can cover from 76 square feet up to 2300 square feet, making it easy to cover narrow as well as wide areas. It works for small garden and bigger ones.
  • Better water distribution thanks to the 16 nozzles.
  • The large sled base really reinforces the stability of the sprinkler, so it wouldn’t move when exposed to high pressure.
  • It provides a consistent flow and can provide the same amount of irrigation to near and far distances.
  • Very easy to control the width and length, thus you’ll be able to control the area you wish covered.
  •  The switches are easy to manipulate and not complicated to understand.
  • Guaranteed to last longer than most sprinklers.


  • This sprinkler can be a bit pricey compared to other models but its performance is best.
  • It doesn’t have very flexible settings, and it can take you a while to figure out the settings that best work for you.
  • The adjustment dials and levers don’t have numbers or indicators on them, so you don’t have to memorize their positions.
  • The ZoomMaxx doesn’t come with a cleaning kit to unclog the nozzles.

How Does an Oscillating Sprinkler Works?

The work of an oscillating sprinkler can be assumed by the name it has been given. A very common traditional oscillating sprinkler will contain a long pipe with tiny nozzles into them arranged serially. And at the very end of the pipe an arrangement for connecting a hose is to be found. And at the other end a knob is seen for the adjustment of the water pattern to be controlled; right, left or center. When the sprinkler has been connected with the hose and the water flow is turned on; the water will spray off through the nozzles which would look more like a rectangular water curtain and cover the yard. While the water is spraying the pipe will oscillate back and forth to cover up more spaces. A small arm is connected by the knob that controls the adjustment of water. The arm is continuously being pushed and pulled by a heart shaped cam. This arm and the cam is the reason behind the oscillation of the sprinkler.

Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider

How hard can it be, right? Well honestly, I didn’t even think it would come down to this. My first expectation was that I would go to the store, ask for a sprinkler, the guy would get it, and I would go home. It didn’t even occur to me that I would have to answer a bunch of questions because there are a wide variety of sprinklers. But it turns out there are a lot of things you should consider before buying probably the best oscillating sprinkler, and these do not only include whether or not you should ask for free installation.


You don’t want to buy a sprinkler that will drill a hole in your pocket, but you also wouldn’t want a cheap one that will always need maintenance and might as well break down in a couple of months. You would want something that is cost efficient, that would deliver the desired results, but also according to the fair price you are going to pay for it.


First of all, you should know the area of your garden. A good sprinkler covers approximately between 20 and 30 feet. Any more than that would mean that some areas would be poorly covered. Once you measure your own garden, you’d know 1) how many sprinklers you want, 2) how much should each sprinkler cover. This would be a logical thing to do, especially if you have a small garden or backyard; you wouldn’t want to be spraying water on your neighbor’s’ property.


The more holes an oscillating sprinkler has, the better the coverage. If you want to limit that area covered, you should get a sprinkler with fewer holes. Check for handles on the sprinkler, so you’d be able to control the area you want to be covered and maneuver the sprayer, but these have to be placed logically and shouldn’t be too complicated to work with. You don’t want to end up the one who’s sprayed.


Let’s face it, you are going to have to pull it apart someday for whatever reason, so the best thing to do would be to pick one that you can disassemble and reassemble easily. This will not only save you time but will also help you avoid stress and frustration.


It is somehow of a rumor that oscillating sprinklers break down easily. However, that’s not true most of the cases. To stay on the safe side, go for the sprinkler you find most rigid and lasting, that can take on blows and severe conditions because you never know who might stumble on it.


What do you want your sprinkler for? Is it a small garden? If you have somehow of a relatively small area to cover and you find yourself on a budget, it is better to go for an oscillating sprinkler, whereas if you have a big project to cover, like a hotel or a country club or a golf course, it would probably be better to install a huge system.

Look for extra special features

Like how easy it is to turn it off without getting soaked, or whether or not can you set a timer on it, so you wouldn’t have to do it manually. The more extra features, the better, but make sure these features are actually useful, so you won’t end up paying for something that you would never use.


Most sprinklers come with a warranty you can either get from the store or the manufacturer. Just check it is available and whether or not it is reasonable. A 6-month warranty would not be as helpful as a 2-year warranty, per say.

How to Adjust Oscillating Sprinkler?

Oscillating sprinkler spreads water in the yard in a rectangular path while oscillating aide by side. It usually contains dual adjustment rings or occasionally a single dial to control the distribution of the water pattern. The adjustments are featured to control the distance and pattern of irrigation. Another crucial importance of the adjuster is to minimize the excessive wastage of water.

As there are two main types of adjusters available it is obvious they require two different paths for the adjustments.

1. Single dial

Connect the sprinkler with the hose. After the connection, turn the adjuster to the “right” to make the sprinkler spray the water to the tight most side from the center of the sprinkler. Turn it “left” to shift the water pattern to the left most side from the center of the sprinkler. And twist is to the “center” to irrigate the water in length and right in equal length and amount. If maximize spraying is required turn the adjuster to “full” to increase the water flow on both sides equally.

2. Dual adjustment rings

Oscillating sprinkler with dual adjustment contains two different rings for the adjustment of water pattern. One ring is dedicated to the left side of the sprinkler and the other is for the right side. The rings are commonly labeled to reduce the confusing. On the side of both rings are drawn a “+” positive sign and a “-” negative sign. Turning the ring to the positive sign would maximize the water strength; turning it to negative would minimize it.

How to Fix Oscillating Sprinkler?

The malfunction of a sprinkler is quite common to hear of. From mechanical gizmo, being stuck, crack to not staying stable at its position. But the most common problem of them all is when the water strength is not so strong to spray in a long range of yard.

1. Water volume

The volume of water flow from the hose to the sprinkler is very important to take notice of. If the water volume is too low it is quite likely that the sprinkler would hardly spray any water out. The same consequence is expected when the water volume is too high; this is because the mechanism of the pivot gets distracted when there is a too much water flow.

2. Obstacle

In a yard the only problematic obstacle can be very long grasses that hide the nozzles of the sprinkler and impediment the water body. An easy and quick solution to this is to place the sprinkler above the grass. And you can do it by simply adding a box or short stool under it.

3. Moving the sprinkler bar

Never move the sprinkler bar to adjust the sprinkler. Instead move the adjusting bar to adjust the water pattern. Shortcuts are never recommended if well modulated and durable sprinkler is desired. Habitually always use the adjusting bar for the adjustments.

Two Bonus Cool Tips

  • You’ve chosen the perfect sprinkler and it’s all good, but it is a pretty tough job having to install a sprinkler on your own, especially if you’re not a licensed plumber. Make sure you call a professional whose work you can trust.
  • Professional assistance. All sprinklers need a little tinkering after a while. A good sprinkler will probably last untouched longer than other, but it will eventually need a little care, and if you’re not sure on how to do it by yourself, don’t risk ruining what may be the best sprinkler you’ve ever bought. Always refer to the manual that comes in the packaging, or just go ahead and call an expert immediately to save yourself the trouble.

One thing I believe everyone should keep in mind is that sometimes the same model can differ from one sample to the other. Upon reading reviews, I realized that they varied from good to bad on the same model. That is for multiple reasons. One may be that people sometimes have different needs and expectations of the tool they are buying, and rare are those who actually do the research to check if what they’re buying actually aligns with what they need. So, sometimes, the disappointment is not because of the lack of features or helpfulness of the model, but because it is different from what they needed or had in mind. The second reason is that this is, after all, a machine, and sometimes, machines tend to crash or stop working for no apparent reason. If this happens very often, there must be something wrong with the manufacturing. In certain cases, all the other models could be working just fine, but one just happens to break down just because it wants to. It’s weird, but it happens.

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure it matches what you need and what the area you’re covering requires.

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