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Identify the Best Lawn Sprinkler Heads for Lawn Irrigation

Having a lawn adjoined with the house is at the same time pleasant and challenging. It requires intense effort to keep it green and vivid. The first thing that needs to be ensured is irrigation. Some people prefer manual irrigation which does not require any technical kit. It needs time, high labor input and skill. However, what if you do not have the time to water your lawn regularly? The simple solution is lawn sprinkler heads. There are different types and qualities of lawn sprinkler heads available in the market.

You can get the proper sprinkler heads regarding your requirement through some research. Pointless to say, it demands a lot of time and hard work. This article is made to make your task easier. You can find out some best lawn sprinkler heads and their feature from here.

How Lawn Sprinkler Heads Works?

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of watering the lawn which is comparable to natural rainfall. Various sprinkler heads have various mechanisms. But in general, it works in a common pattern.

Lawn sprinkler heads consist of the following parts: nozzle, wiper seal, cap, spring, riser, inlet, check valve and the body holding all of them together.

In a sprinkler system, water is distributed through a pipe by pumping. It is then flashed with pressure so that it covers a certain area of the ground. The water breaks into tiny drops and moistens the required area.

The water is sprayed by ball drive or gear drive. It may operate hydraulically or electrically.

Different Types of Sprinkler Heads

1. Pop-up Sprinkler Head

Popup sprinkler head

The name says the feature. It pops up during operation.

To avoid any kind of accident like tripping over or bashing with the land mower, it is really helpful.

These are fixed firmly under the ground and the nozzled part pops up when activated.

It again goes back below the ground when not operating. That is why it is safe to use. It

The pop-up head height is a matter to bear in mind while buying one. There exists a variety of heights, for instance, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 12” et cetera. In case of 2 inches, mowed grass can create a blockage. Hence at least 4 inches is preferred. However, 6 inch is a good one to use.  Longer ones are more efficient.

2. Rotary Sprinkler Head

These rotor sprinkler heads are a bit mighty comparing the other types. It can provide PSI over 30. These are used for large lawns. They transport less amount of water than spray heads by scattering the liquid with greater force. It is effective for such region where the wind blows often and dislocates the water. But they can make disturbing noise while operating.

rotor sprinkler head

People mostly know it by the name of impact rotor sprinkler which is taken place by gear-driven rotors. They are quiet and requires low maintenance and also tinier in size. Anyway, this type of sprinkler is a bit problematic unless you have a higher pressure of water. You need PSI of at least 45 to make them work efficiently.

3. Spray Sprinkler Head

spray sprinkler head

This is one of the most used sprinkler heads. This sprinkler sprays fan-shaped pattern of water. It has exchangeable nozzle. The nozzle ascertains the spray pattern and radius of the water fling. Mostly half circle or full circle pattern is used. There are some special patterns for long, contracted regions.

These heads work at 20 to 30 PSI so the water reaches highest up to 15 feet. It is important that you place the heads with a fifteen feet intervention.

Though they spray water in a less distance, they do the work in a short time because the flow rate is higher.

These kinds of heads are good as they are free of any mechanical parts and hence no mechanical failure to deal with.

A reminder for this type of sprinkler is that wind can drive the water away, so be wise while buying one for your lawn.

4. Bubble Sprinkler Head

bubble sprinkler head

Bubble sprinkler heads or bubblers are used for watering small areas with a vast amount of water; better to say flood an area. The water flow rate is so high that it is measured in gallon per minute instead of gallon per hour alike other types.

Hence, bubble sprinkler heads are not appropriate for watering the lawn. Rather, it is used for irrigating shrubs or flowers. That means comparably bigger plants than grass.

This sprinkler has too many types and specifications that it requires huge discussion. However, as it is not suitable for irrigating the lawn, the type is just mentioned here, details can be added in other inscriptions.

Best Lawn Sprinkler Heads Buying Guide

There are several things you should keep in mind while buying a lawn sprinkler head as there are so many of them predominating the market. They have differences. To buy the best one, you should know what makes a tool reliable and what weakens its spot.

However, in a good quality sprinkler head, there must be a specification in the wiper seal, pop up height and spring retraction.

  1. The wiper seal is a mild plastic seal around the pop-up riser stem that seals the riser so it will not drip. It helps the dirt out of the sprinkler body. It is important that it must be present in a sprinkler head.
  2. The pop-up height of a sprinkler is important. 4” is good but 6” is better. Unless you buy a 4” you have to trim the grass too often otherwise the water droplets will get trapped it in the grass.
  3. Spring retraction: The spring in the pop-up piston needs to be strong and firm. Otherwise, it will not pop-up smoothly and can crack up soon after you buy it. A metal pop up can rust and corrode unless it is a good build. Therefore pay heed to the spring before buying it.
  4. Lawn size and spray distance: Before buying your best lawn sprinkler you must keep in mind the size of your lawn. Different lawn shape and size require diverse sprinkler. Small or medium lawns may work well with pop-up sprinklers. On the other hand, in case of large lawns, rotor sprinklers are suitable.
  5. Adjustment kits: some sprinklers include adjustment kit in the package. It can be helpful to have one.

Our Recommended Best Lawn Sprinkler Heads

1. Orbit 55662 Voyager II Professional

This one is a 4” pop-up sprinkler head. The build is heat resistant and can withstand sun damage.

It may seem little tough to assemble the parts as there is no clear instruction or diagram to adjust it. But once you figure it out, it is simple.

Its spray diameter is 40-80 feet. But as you can adjust it and use it for small areas also. And the arc is also adjustable from 40 to 360 degrees.

It comes with extra nozzles and adjustment kits. You can adjust the flow rate also. There are multiple patterns and flow options. The gear drive used in it makes it quiet while operating.

It works perfectly. You will receive great service from this sprinkler. But the only problem might be the durability.

There are plastic parts inside the body. After some time of use, dirt and debris get stuck and it may stop spinning, the seal may cause to wear out and generate water seepage at the base of the pop-up. You can always disassemble the parts and clean it in most of the cases. However, because of the plastic build, it can not be guaranteed that you can assemble them again and make one piece.

2. Rain Bird 1804VAN – 4” Professional Pop-up sprinkler

Rain bird 1804 is a 4” pop-up sprinkler with a 6” body height. It pops up smoothly. Its rotation can be adjusted without tools and can be set 0 to 360 degrees. It comes adjusted with nozzle previously installed in each head but may need a little touch up to work properly.

The nozzles need to be adjusted and checked as some of them sprays disproportionately.

The PSI of this sprinkler is 60 and spreads up to 3-18 feet water; depends on your setting. However, in some cases, you may not get the required water spraying distance.

It is suitable for irrigating both shrubs and lawn.

The build is good but in some cases, it may not ensure durability. The problem to durability is caused by the plastic head. It gets damaged by sun and causes water leakage. But the head is replaceable. So you can change it whenever the plastic head gets damaged and it will be good as new.

It is easy to install and good to use if you leave out the petit problems.

3. Rain Bird 1802HEVN15 High Efficiency Professional

This one is also pop-up sprinkler and the height is 2”. It easy to install and can be adjusted according to requirement. This sprinkler head is suitable for lawn, garden and especially the areas that are old shaped.

Make sure that you are paying attention to the pop-up height. 2” pop-up is not so much user-friendly as mentioned earlier. Also, the spray distance is stumpy, so you may choose this sprinkler when you have a small area to irrigate.

It is efficient and easy to use. Though in some cases the pop-up is not so smooth and will not go down easily. The build is rather fragile.

It does not need to be put in the ground deep. The sprayed water comes with comparably bigger drops so the wind can not blow it away. It helps the watering to be faster and reduce water wastage. It is suitable for the plants that require frequent irrigation.

4. Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads

The hunter sprinkler heads are rotor type. The special attribute of this sprinkler head is that it has improved dirty water tolerance on gear drive. And even if dirt gets stuck, you can clean it while it is installed if you are good at handling these types of kits.

It comes home with full adjustment. Therefore no need to worry about adjusting it and also it is easy to install. And as it comes adjusted, there is no adjusting instruction available with the package.

It is rotor type and the spray distance is 30 to 40 feet. Its rotation can be adjusted from 50 to 360 degrees.

There are no extra nozzle racks available with the parcel but you can replace them with other nozzles from the market if you want.

If you want to change the head, there is no need to dig the whole sprinkler out for this brand.

This sprinkler head is suitable for both lawn and garden. It is notable that this kit is long lasting and reliable.

In some cases, the adjustment tool does not arrive but is promised by the company.

5. Gilmour Metal Head Impulse sprinkler

It has a metal body which makes it heavy and a good base that does not need a rock or any assistance to keep it in place.

It has a 40 feet spray distance but there is a distance control knob to control the spray distance. However, the water distance sometimes depends on the water pressure.

It has an adjustable collar to control head rotation from partial to full circle  Though it is capable of adjusting it works at its best while setting to 360 degrees.

The spray control button allows controlling the water spray from heavy stream to misty spray.

A good quality of this sprinkler is that it sprays low over the grass which prevents the water to evaporate and stay put for long.

In some cases, the rotator is a bit problematic and not rotates a full circle.

It is ideal for bigger lawn and yards but may not be ideal for a rectangular yard. The head is somewhat hard to install.

The only problem you may face is that it will not last a long time. But it works great.

Sprinkler Head Spray Patterns

sprinkler spray patterns

There are a variety of spray patterns. Depending on your lawn’s shape and size and the place you want to put the sprinkler, you have to determine the pattern. There are a half circle, full circle quarter circle and others.

For instance, you do not want your walkway to soak, but the grass near the walkway to be irrigated. In this case use end strip or half circle.

Or you do not want to put the sprinkler in the centre of your lawn and trip over every time you are walking inattentive. Use pop-up sprinkler with 360-degree rotation here.

Other than a full circle, rests of the patterns are good to run if you put them on the periphery of your area.

You simply have to put attention to your requirement and you will understand which pattern suits your lawn the most.

Sprinkler Head Dimension

It is different for the various brands. It can start from 8 feet and the expensive ones can be up to 80 feet. It is adjustable in most of the sprinklers.

How to Adjust Sprinkler Head Distance

First turn on the water flow and observe the rotation and pattern of the head. Then turn it off.

After that, you have to locate its dial for stream adjustment. Normally the dial is on top. You have to turn the dial toward the least distance. Then look for the diffuser screw on the front of the sprinkler.

Finally, use a screwdriver to turn the screw right or counter. In this way, you can adjust the spray distance of your sprinkler head according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many sprinkler heads do I need?

Answer: Calculate the diameter of the circular spray pattern of the sprinkler head that you already have or want to buy. Then take a graph paper and sketch your lawn and put them in place according to the diameter of the spray heads and you know how many of them you need. It may take a while but not too hard.

2)  How many sprinkler heads per square foot?

 Answer: It depends on the sprinkler head’s spray diameter. It is an easy math to solve.

3) Why is sprinkler head not popping up?

Answer: It can happen. The reason can be:

  1. a) there is not enough pressure on the water to run the zone. To repair this problem you have to divide the zone into two zones.
  2. b) The shut-off valve for the main system is not fully open. The solution to this problem can be to release the shut-off valve counterclockwise.
  3. c) By opening the partially closed flow control counterclockwise.

4) Why do not sprinkler heads go down?

Answer: The reason that your sprinkler head is not going down is probably that some dirt or debris may have lodged in between the riser and the sprinkler head which is stopping the head to pop down. To make it work again, disassemble the head and clean it.

5) What is sprinkler head riser?

Answer: The basic function of a riser is to connect the lateral pipe (it is a pipe that carries water from the mainline through the valve) to the sprinkler head. While keeping it close to the surface of the soil to avoid damage and provide best possible irrigating results.


Sprinkler heads are great tools if you can buy according to your call. The same brand can prove to be helpful for you but not for another person and vice versa. Therefore it is wise to choose all by yourself and scrutinize them carefully earlier than buying it. In this way, you can buy the best lawn sprinkler heads amidst many.

Find the best lawn sprinkler heads amongst many available in the market.It can be quite confusing to choose one unless you know the mechanisms, types, features, and drawbacks of the sprinkler heads and find out which one blends with your lawn without any disturbance. Everyone has a different want and this article can help everyone with their specific needs.

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