Best Impact Sprinkler

Best Impact Sprinkler for Making the Lawn Green

One who loves to see his/her lawn green or one who is related to agricultural area knows how useful device a sprinkler is. Isn’t it boring to water your plants daily moving pipes and holding it? A sprinkler is a solution to that problem which waters your lawn or plants easily with small water droplets and circulates automatically.

This article is here for you to help you to decide and find the best impact sprinkler for you. Have a thorough look to compare with your demands.

What Is an Impact Sprinkler?

The other word used to describe impact sprinkler is the impulse sprinkler. It is one of the types of garden sprinkler and as its name suggests that it uses the force of the water to circulate its head. There can be a threaded attachment nut in the structure that pivots around its top instead of rotor head sprinkler. After it’s been invented its popularity is increasing day by day due to its service that reduces human efforts.

How Does Impact Sprinkler Work?

The energy required to move and spray water comes from the flow speed of the water. The force of the water is transferred from the moving arm to the sprinkler head. The maximum number of sprinkler can move in both the direction, this movement is due to the buffer that stops the swinging arm.

The Swinging arm is attached with a spring which when the movement ends pulls it back which changes the direction of the head of the sprinkler by a buffer. In this way, the direction of the head changes. The buffer here should be placed carefully near the spray of water so that the arm will continue swinging.

There is also a diffuser screw that breaks down water stream which seems like rain drop sprinkling in the area. Distance control flap decreases the length of stream and redistributes water. Some also have a dial on top for changing the distance of watering. And a trip pin is there to adjust the rotation of the sprinkler.

With all these features a sprinkler works in a great matter to water your lawn, make it beautiful and green and saves mother green earth.

Types of Impact Sprinkler

There are few types of sprinkler that is chosen best according to the customer’s choice. These are given below, have a look –

  1. Orbit – This kind has a wheel for which it is easy to move to a place of irrigation. And till now it is the top choice of the customer.
  2. Rain bird – This product has the best value due to its features. Rain Bird Company has another kind of sprinkler after this model which is also good and is in the third position.
  3. Ikris – This type has a bit different style of having a base that makes it different from others. Along with the base, it also has a few more features like tap like system, flip trip lever etc.
  4. Sommerland – This one is like a typical sprinkler with all the features that a sprinkler should possess.

Best Impact Sprinkler Buying Guide

Before buying anything for you some features must be considered. Below are few tips for you.

  1. Distance covered – The first thing you should consider is the highest distance it covers. On this feature how many sprinklers you need for your lawn or any other one that may fulfill your demands depends on. Whether you are going to use it on a small lawn or medium sized one or a large one depends on this feature.
  2. Durability – You surely will not want your money to go in vain. It should give you enough service, as a result, ensure its durability before buying it. Check its weight as a sprinkler should be heavy otherwise it will pop up.
  3. Materials – it’s better to buy a sprinkler made up of metal and the one that is rust proof. Alloy materials are hard enough and give a long-lasting period of service. In this case, stainless steel and brass are most favorable.
  4. Design – There are many types of design of this product, like the one with the wheel or the one with the spine. For your use chose your design.

Our Recommended Sprinklers

1. Rain Bird 25pjdac Brass Impact Sprinkler

Are you tired of moving sprinklers around? Then this product is perfect for you. Rain bird is such a company which is designing sprinkler from 1933. As a result, they experimented and varied the designed according to customers need. And this product is a gift of such hard working experiments.

This long-lasting sprinkle is made up of brass, bronze and stainless steel which gives it a high strength and make it durable enough with fewer problems arising. With an easy installation method and infinite pattern adjustment with 360-degree coverage and also partial coverage circle of 20-340 degree makes this product user-friendly.

Keeping in mind that some area may have dirty water and scarcity of water this product is designed to straight water flow and for saving water the spray arm controls the flow preventing side splashing.

Another great feature of this product is the diffuser screw which splits water into small droplets for even distribution of water. The watering radius can also be controlled from 20-40’ by the adjustable deflector flap. It makes a traditional sound that alerts you that your lawn is being watered.

With an easy installation process of 0.5” male pipe thread outlet this product is thought a lot about its user and serves so.

2. Melnor Impact Lawn Sprinkler

This product is made up of a durable zinc which is deeply coated and sealed with green enamel and this extra feature make it so durable that it will last several years. If you consider buying one for long-term use this product is just perfect for you.

Not only this the product covers a use area of radius 42.4 feet with its moving capacity from 20 degrees to 360 degrees at its full. It also has a facility of lowering the stream to water small area by the diffuser pin. This pulsating sprinkler is designed for 3/4 garden hose.

It seems that the product focused more on the durable coating rather than the design. The user of this product said that the joint where the hose connects cracks over time. Some complaint, this one is not covering the same area that the manufacturer claims, but there are also other factors that affect the watering area. This sprinkler has a bit complains from the user that it did not fulfill their satisfaction and had to repair soon after its installation. If so, the manufacturer is providing customer service.

3. A5001T Heavy Duty Brass Impact Head Sprinkler

This sprinkler has a pretty attractive color due to solid brass construction which also gives durability. This product has a very flexible coverage of 0 degrees to full 360 degrees by lifting the Trip Lever and have a coverage of 5000 square feet.

This sprinkler covers a radius of 20-40’, changing the spray distance by twisting the diffuser screw. A clockwise twist will shorten the distance, on the other hand, an anticlockwise will longer the spray distance.

According to the user of this product, this one is too light as a result tip over. This problem has an easy solution of adding an extra weight. Another problem one may face is that they might not rotate as the beginning, just relax, it’s not a problem just lever it up.

4. Rain Bird 25PJLSP Hose-End Brass Impact Sprinkler

This sprinkler has an adjustable 20-360 degree pattern with a radius of 20 to 41’.This one is designed just after the rain bird impulse sprinkler. This renowned company designed this product with heavy duty brass, bronze, stainless steel which makes it durable than any other zinc one. Also sturdy and rugged due to metal construction. For easy insertion of this product, there is an 8-inch stake which is easy to move. It has an infinity pattern adjustment of 20-340 and 360 full.

Just like the rain bird sprinkler this one also has diffuser screw that breaks water droplet into a small one and also like previous one this model also saves water with spray arm controller. This sprinkler also makes the traditional sound of watering. This one is ideal for medium to the large lawn as it can be adjusted by simply raising or lowering the deflector. A problem one can face is that the area with lower water pressure will not give the same effect as it requires normal or high water pressure. But I must repeat it only stops rotating at very low pressure but on average it is perfect.

5. Orbit 56186N Brass impact Sprinkler

Different from the other sprinkler described above this one has an extra feature that is its wheel. And this beneficial feature makes it easy to move anywhere. This really allows you to drag around in the location where you want to irrigate. The wheel is large enough and made up of a metal base with swivel connection to the hose.

This product is used for outdoor purposes with only cold water. The impact head of this product is also made up of metal which controls water flow. This adjustable area can reach up to 80 feet diameter of coverage. It covers a huge area. This sprinkler also gives a click-click sound when it’s watering.

6. Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler

The main attraction of this product is its tripod that connects easily to the hose by a gooseneck attachment with a variable height of 16-37.5 inches. This tripod allows it to cover a large area of 80 feet in diameter with a 0.5-inch zinc head.

This one is ideal for a large lawn area where the product will give a full circle or a partial circle. This product cycles much faster which works better for irrigation. This one is wide and even the spray pattern is so friendly. It has complained about its head do not work properly, but the product is really preferable for all the other features with the most attracting one is its tripod.

7. Orbit 58019N Zinc Sprinkler

The Structure of this product is a bit different having a spike which is designed in such a way for the one who does not have an in-ground sprinkler system. With a nozzle that allows a partial to full circle water spray. Another mention-able feature of this product is the deflector shield and anti-backsplash arm that helps to cover the area and gives great spray pattern.

The spray area covers 80 foot in diameter and pattern arc of 25-360 degree. The distance can be shortened by rotating the screw at the tip of the head from where the water stream comes out. This Sprinkler is made up of metal which makes it durable enough.

Impact Sprinkler vs Oscillating Sprinkler

Both of them are available in stores which are designed in various types due to their difference in use. Let’s see the difference between them.

First talking about the impact sprinkler, this is one of the most preferable ones according to its user. It has a unique design. This type is really long lasting one if care is taken by the user. The impact sprinkle uses the force of water to drive and water the area. It is so easy to use. It has a sound that alarms you that your lawn is being watered but sometime it may irritate you. But in spite of this problem this type is really durable (lifetime) which makes it preferable to most of the people.

Now talking about the oscillating sprinkler, well this sprinkler is great to water in a minimum time and in an open area without any hinder like trees. The oscillating sprinkler throws water in a pie shape, unlike the previous one that rotates. This type covers a large area with a controller by which distance can be controlled. But a problem that is faced with this is if there is any hinder in between watering area it remains dry. This sprinkler is also durable but may not go for a lifetime.

How to Adjust Impact Sprinkler

There are few adjusting parts in a sprinkler by which the flow of water, type of watering, distance etc. can be adjusted. Now it will be discussed in a manner to help you.

The Flow of the water can be changed easily by screwing the hose faucet. In case of watering a deliberate plant, the flow can be minimized by screwing it clockwise.

The distance covered by the watering area can be adjusted using the diffuser pin that breaks up the stream at the same time adjusts the distance. The main mechanism is that the pin projects over the opening of the water stream that causes the distance to change.

Just beside the diffuser pin, there is a deflector shield that will allow the stream to flow in a large arc or small arc by the up or down movement.

There is a collar that alters the spray pattern, the more the distance between the collars the wider the watering range.

The trip pin is there to help to adjust the degree of coverage. Removing the pin will allow the sprinkler to rotate full 360 degrees.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Does it rotate for more than 2 years?

If care is taken if goes for much more than 2 years.

2) Is it easy to operate?

Yes, it is very easy to operate. You will be able to handle it alone as it is quality built.

3) Can it be adjusted to give water to a long, narrow strip of grass which is less than 360 degree?

It is adjustable to minimum 30 degrees that will give a pie-shaped watering area then.

4) Is the sprinkler capable to get the ground soaking?

Yes, it sure will do. But you have to run it for minimum 15 minutes and there is also pattern adjustment that you can do for a better result.


A sprinkler is an essential product for the one who is related to the agricultural sector and also the one who loves to see his/her lawn green. If care is taken one impact sprinkler will give service for a lifetime. For this purpose, a careful inspection is necessary before buying the best impact sprinkler.

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