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If you know how hard the task of removing old, dirty grout can be. You can work painstakingly for hours without appearing to make much headway. However, you can get the job done much faster if you know the best grout removal tool to use. Consider the options in power tools to get the job done fast or the choices you have in manual tools if you feel that is the safer route for your task. Check out the following options and compare features to find out which one works best for the job you have in mind. Thanks to our well-wisher at Tools Critic for collaborating with us on the topic.

Oscillating Tool – The Best Grout Removal Tool

An oscillating tool is an ideal choice for fast, efficient grout removal. You simply attach an oscillating blade to the tool to remove the grout. One of the benefits of using this tool is that it does the job cleanly and right up to the wall. It even works in corners so that all grout is removed and ready for a new application. The blades are generally made of carbide to be long-lasting and to hold up to heavy-duty jobs.

When selecting an oscillating tool, you’ll want one that doesn’t damage the edge of stone tiles when grouting. Make sure it works with marble tile, ceramic, porcelain or whatever material you have on the floor.

You can find these tools from several manufacturers, including Dremel and DeWalt. The blades come in various thicknesses and some feature the wave design, which allows for faster grout removal. Some of the popular oscillating blades include the DeWalt Oscillating Fastcut Carbide Grout Removal Blade and Dremel Multi-Max Grout Removal Oscillating Tool Blade.

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Rotary Tool as a Best Grout Removal Tool

dremoving grout using dremel rotary tool

Another option is the rotary tool for removing grout. It removes grout using an accessory, which looks similar to a drill bit. It screws right on to the rotary tool and works to cut through the grout. It also comes with a guide that allows you to control the depth of the blade. This way, you won’t have to worry about the rotary tool chipping any tiles as you work.

There are numerous products on the market. One such product is the Dremel 8220 1/28 12-volt max cordless rotary tool. Because it’s cordless, you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet nearby or dealing with cords as you work. It takes one hour to recharge, which means you won’t be waiting for it to get back to work.

This tool is compact, making it easy to carry with you. It’s also easier to fit into tight corners and spaces. You also will discover that you aren’t as tired using this tool as one that is heavier. At the same time, it’s made of high-quality material so that it can hold up to heavy use. The rotary tool features a quick collet look, which allows you to switch out accessories quickly. Thanks to the high-performance motor, this rotary tool can hold up to applications which are more demanding. This Dremel rotary tool comes with 28 accessories as well as a charger and battery, and a carrying case to keep everything secure and organized.

Is Reciprocating Saw the Best Grout Removal Tool?

removing gorut using an reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw can cut through tile if you need to remove the tile as well as the grout. However, you may not be aware that you can use the reciprocating saw to just remove grout when it needs to be replaced. All you need to do is attach an accessory designed for this job to the end of the saw. Instead of cutting through the tile, it will cut out the grout.

If you’re looking for a quality tool for the job, consider the DeWalt DC385B 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw. One of the obvious benefits is being cordless, which means no cords to deal with or get tangled up in as you work. You also don’t have to try to find a nearby power outlet for the job. Blade changes are quick and easy thanks to the key less blade clamp with four positions and lever action for the blade. This saw also includes an anti-slip comfort grip and a trigger lock for more control of the blade. This saw weighs only 5.8 pounds to help reduce fatigue for longer jobs. The product comes with a user manual and a warranty.

Manual Tools

You can also use manual tools to remove grout from the tile in a kitchen or bathroom. This is not the ideal solution because power tools can do a more effective job of cutting out the grout. However, for those who prefer to stick with the manual way of doing things, there are some good options for tools.

One manual tool is the Grout Getter, which is a fancy screwdriver that has a triangular head to replace the flat head with a typical screwdriver. It fits in the seams between the tiles to get all of the grout out. This tool is even good to use when you have a powerful tool because it cleans out anything that is left after the oscillating or rotary tool has done its job.

The main benefit of using the Grout Getter is that it protects the tile because it isn’t likely to chip. It’s best used only in small areas because it would take too long to cover a large room.

M-D Building Products 49066 Heavy Duty Tile Grout Saw

Another manual tool is the hand held grout saw. It cuts through grout as you saw by hand. This saw strips and cleans out grout from between tile using a steel blade and a carbide grit edge blade. One blade will work for grout lines on the wall while two blades will cut through wider grout lines. The saw is small and easy to hold. It is designed for small jobs.

These manual tools will do an adequate job of removing grout, but they are less effective than the power tools. They can help clean out any leftover grout after using the power tools or for small areas. For instance, you could use the hand held grout saw of Grout Getter if you need to replace a stained or broken tile and the surrounding grout.

For larger projects, such as entire kitchen or entry, you will want to try out one of the power tools. Any of the three power tools listed here will make short work of the task. You will want to compare products for pricing and features until you find the one that works best for you. Check out the oscillating tool, the rotary tool, the reciprocating saw as well as the manual tools to find the best grout removal tool for your next job.

Hope this article helped you a lot to find out the best grout removal tool.

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