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Best Oscillating Tool Reviews | Buying Guide 2020

Choosing the best oscillating tool is not the easiest thing to do, especially when there are so many options available in the market today and with most oscillating tools being a relatively new power tool, compared to most power tools, it is often misused.  Hopefully, this guide will help shed some light on how to choose the best oscillating multitool for your needs.

Editor Choice
Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool with Duotech Oscillation Angle Technology. 12 Piece Kit includes 10 Accessories, Carrying Bag, and Oscillating Tool
DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) , Yellow
Best Cheap
Genesis GMT15A 1.6 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool and 19-Piece Universal Hook-And-Loop Accessory Kit with Storage Box
BOSCH StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with Snap-In Blade Attachment GOP40-30B
Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool with Duotech Oscillation Angle Technology. 12 Piece Kit includes 10 Accessories, Carrying Bag, and Oscillating Tool
DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) , Yellow
Genesis GMT15A 1.6 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool and 19-Piece Universal Hook-And-Loop Accessory Kit with Storage Box
BOSCH StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with Snap-In Blade Attachment GOP40-30B
Prime status
Editor Choice
Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool with Duotech Oscillation Angle Technology. 12 Piece Kit includes 10 Accessories, Carrying Bag, and Oscillating Tool
Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool with Duotech Oscillation Angle Technology. 12 Piece Kit includes 10 Accessories, Carrying Bag, and Oscillating Tool
Prime status
DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) , Yellow
DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) , Yellow
Prime status
Best Cheap
Genesis GMT15A 1.6 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool and 19-Piece Universal Hook-And-Loop Accessory Kit with Storage Box
Genesis GMT15A 1.6 Amp Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool and 19-Piece Universal Hook-And-Loop Accessory Kit with Storage Box
Prime status
BOSCH StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with Snap-In Blade Attachment GOP40-30B
BOSCH StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with Snap-In Blade Attachment GOP40-30B
Prime status

In this review, I will go over various aspects of using an oscillating tool and how you can get the most out of it, for your DIY projects, household repairs, and for professional use.

When the first oscillating tool was designed in the 1960s, the inventor didn’t understand its true potential and the impact it would make for the tradesman and the power tool industry.  With the original patent expiring, the power tool industry has jumped at the opportunity to build many variations of the oscillating tool, in fact, the oscillating tool is the fastest-growing power tool segment in the market.  The popularity of oscillating tools has expanded rapidly over the years as professionals, contractors, and tradesmen discover the versatility of the tool and find that it is extremely useful when doing any kind of plunge cut.  With so many variations on the market, with a variety of price points, it can be tough to know which one performs best based on your needs as many of the oscillating tools have great limitations that are not known until after you purchase the tool.

To help us write the most useful article for you, we purchased every Oscillating Tool available in the market and tested each one, to be able to provide you with the most in-depth review to help you understand the features, benefits, and limitations of each.  Due to the number of tools we test, we choose to write about the 10 Best Oscillating Tools for professionals and DIYers.

At the end of this article, you will get our oscillating tool buying guide and some bonus tips to pick the best one.

What is an Oscillating Tool?

An oscillating tool is a type of power tool that uses a short 3-4 inch blade that vibrates or oscillates from side to side.  Oscillating tools are often referred to as the following: Multi Tool, Oscillating Multi Tool, Vibrating Saw, and Buzz Saw (because it makes a buzzing sound when in use).

Oscillating tools have exploded in popularity the past 20 years as more people, especially tradesman discover it is a tool they can’t live without.  Multi-Tools can be used for cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding and sawing a wide variety of material to deliver the best possible result needed.  Oscillating MultiTools are the most popular amongst flooring installers, cabinet installers, plumbers, electricians, and remodelers.

Top 10 Oscillating Tools in 2020 and Our Honest Reviews

Oscillating tools are best known for their versatile and usefulness when renovating or remodeling a house.  Besides choosing the right oscillating tool, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right oscillating multi tool blade for the job and can read about that in our in-depth multi tool blade guide.   Here are the top 1o oscillating tools in 2020 available.  We hope you enjoy the reviews and find the best oscillating tool for you.


1. Fein Multimaster (Corded and Cordless)

Fein is the original manufacturer and patent holder of the oscillating tool and since they have the most experience they make the best oscillating tools.  The Multimaster is the most powerful oscillating tool available, has the best vibration control, but is also the most expensive oscillating tool.

The Fein Multimaster comes in both a corded and cordless option.  Both are great options, but the best one for you is going to depend on personal preference, how often it will be used, and if you buy the cordless option, how many batteries you will need to buy.  The Multimaster starts at $149 on Amazon for the corded option and runs as high as $600 for the more powerful 350-watt cordless oscillating tool with 2-5ah batteries, a charger, case, and 10 additional blades and accessories to get you started.

With the last re-design of the Multimaster several years ago, Fein shared their latest patent with the world, the Starlock Mount.  The Starlock is by far the best blade mounting system available for an oscillating tool.  It makes swapping out your blade a breeze and can be done one-handed, with little to no effort.

Fein Oscillating Tool

Fein Multimaster FMT250QSL

Out of all the oscillating tools available, the Fein Multimaster is by far the most superior in almost every way.  As mentioned earlier, the Starlock mount for how you attach the oscillating blades to the tool is the best mounting system out of all the oscillating tools.  It is best for both ease of use, but it also provides the greatest transfer of power, so there is no loss of power from the motor, to the mount, to the end of the blade when making your cut.

If you do go with the cordless option, make sure you get multiple batteries if you are a heavy oscillating tool use as you will need to have several on hand to be able to swap them out throughout the day.

If you’re a professional or tradesman, this is tool should be on the top of your list.

The Starlock mount is what makes this tool one of the best, but it is also one of the worst features of this tool as well.  The only negative about the Starlock mount is you will be forced to buy Fein Blades, which are the most expensive oscillating blades available.  If you are a heavy user with your oscillating tool, you will easily spend $100 or more a month on oscillating saw blades, where the oscillating tools that use the Universal Quick Release Blades can get High-Quality Multi Tool Blades from other brands, like Ryker Hardware for a fraction of the price of a Fein Blade.



  • Most Powerful Oscillating Tool
  • Vibration Control
  • Starlock Mount
  • Extremely Durable
  • Corded and Cordless Options



  • Most Expensive Oscillating Multi Tool
  • Expensive Replacement Blades and Accessories
  • If you purchase the cordless option, you will need to buy several batteries


2. Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool

Looking for a heavy-duty machine that will not bind your working for the lack of power? If it is then surely you can look at the Makita XMT03Z oscillating tool.

This oscillator tool is specialized for heavier work. For vigorous cutting and sanding, it has got a perfect angle. That means you will be able to work with the topmost speed and do more than average cutting with the utilize of the 3.2Degree oscillation angle.

What makes it different from other oscillation tools is this one got more battery life than others available in the market. Makita XMTO3z can go 20 minutes straight at once. Only one Lithium-ion battery is required for running this beastly machine.

To make it simpler this oscillator tool comes with an easy on-off button rather than a complicated trigger button. So, using this machine is a lot easier task especially for the people who are in their learning stage.

Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool
Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT

Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool

Moreover, with the perfect cutting angle, the speed variety has a lot of advantages with this machine. It actually has the most speed variables compared with the other oscillator tools available in the market. It can go up and down from 6000-20000OPM which makes it a perfect fit for the heavier tasks.

You cannot get a better bargain in terms of price to performance ratio. It comes with power, performance, and quality. Also, it got both cord and cordless applications which covers customer expectations. Customers often refer to it as a heavy and professional grade. Professionals like remodelers, carpenters, plumbers, or even general contractors also find it helpful.

In 2020, technology holds superior importance in for getting the performance, user efficiency, and sometimes, comfort. You will be happy to know that it has got advanced technology for less noise and fewer vibrations.

So, it makes it really handy for customers of all age. It is lighter than some of the available oscillator tools in the market. It weighs only 4.2 pounds and amazingly handy for your heavy home renovation works.

Our team has considered this as one of the long-lasting battery cycle included product. This works for more time and doesn’t make any wrenches in time to time.


  • Built for heavy-duty workload for wood or metals
  • Provide less noise and vibrations for the advanced technology
  • This multitool is fit for professional use
  • Quick-Lock mechanism makes it easier and quicker to use
  • Good balance for precise cutting and sanding



  • No battery or charger is provided
  • Hard to change the blades

3. PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool

This particular oscillator tool comes with multiple varieties of tools & applications with Fifty-Two accessories. It’s almost double in comparison with some similar products. Another amazing feature is this one got a tool-free system blade which allows this oscillator tool to change blade quickly and easily.

For most of the application, this blade changing system won’t be needing wrenches and bolts. Changing the battery frequently while working could be a hassle so this one got a 10 feet cord. A 10 feet cord obviously doesn’t need an extension and it can reach into difficult places.

It has been appreciated by customers for its good balance and control. The control makes using this tool with more comfort and balance will make the cut or sand more precisely.

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool

Also, this particular oscillator tool is also recommended for working faster. It has 3-amp powerful motor that helps to make the tool work faster than other available products.

It’s a bit heavy on the hand weighing 7.7 pounds but that’s only because it has a long cord attached. But Havier is not always bad, right? The long cord is also important if you want to get your work done at a stretch. As the machine is heavy this helps you for finer and balanced cutting.

A heavy-duty machine with a powerful motor isn’t the only thing to be impressed with this oscillating multi-tool. You will like that the vibration and noise are much less in this PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool. So, it gets recommended for being kids friendly.

It also gets recommended for DIY projects. The wide variety of blades & cutters gives access to do repairing, scrapping, sanding cutting nearly to perfection. Coming with 52 Accessories makes it a desirable item for home improvement works.

This product has a wide range of kits than any other products out there. This impressed our team very much. On the other hand, it has a heavier weight. Sometimes it feels a bit extra heavy to work on. Some companies are providing 3 years limited warranty for this.


  • A wide variety of kits comes with the package of this tool
  • Works fast for the higher end motor quality
  • Less noise and vibration which helps better the working environment
  • No extension of cords needed.
  • The well-built hard case makes it tough and durable


  • Heavier than other tools.
  • Handle gets heated sometimes.

4. Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt Cordless Multi-Tool


Being one of the cheapest models in our list, it has surprisingly a lot better-built quality. Also, the machine is powerful and can process a big workload. If you are looking for a cheap oscillating tool without compromising quality and performance, you can go for it without any doubt.

Also, compact design and weight is the reason to like this tool. It weighs only 2.2 pounds and much lighter than the other oscillator tools. It is available in three colors- Blank & Red, Silver.

Another important feature is some companies provide a 5-year warranty which is the highest in this product range. Being an affordable product, the warranty is a big bonus.

Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt Cordless Multi-Tool
Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt

Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt Cordless Multi-Tool

Currently, this Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 offers 12-speed variables having a speed variable knobs which makes it easier.  In the case of speed, it can vary between 5000-20000OPM. It is to be noted that very few oscillating tools give you this variety of speeds. This particular product gets recommended while working with woods.

Another amazing feature of this tool is its universal adapter. That means you can use tools from other multi-tools to this Milwaukee oscillator tools. The universal adopter here screws on to the head complies with any other multi-use oscillator tools available.

It has got a sanding head with sanding pads which are perfect for the finishing touches of on your woodwork. So, the customer doesn’t need to buy extra tools for woodwork.

For clearing dried grouts, it has got a multi-purpose head tool. So, for clearing the narrow or tight places this oscillator tool is very handy. It’s a cordless gear so working outside in the porch is easier.

Milwaukee kit not only comes with a universal adapter it has also got a variety of 25 tools. It has also got a LED paned on the side of this tool which indicates battery life. As it weighs light and comparatively small in size its LITHIUM-ION battery takes only 30 min to get charged.

However, this tool is alright but to our review team, this product cannot be used for heavier works. The lightweight product can be handy but whenever it was used to get through some heavier stuff, the performance was not that much good.


  • Comes in a super lightweight that let you carry it easily
  • Can work on and comes with a universal adapter
  • Battery indicator lets you see the life
  • This oscillating multitool comes with sanding pads
  • Price is really affordable despite a very good quality
  • Accessories and performance of the tool is excellent


  • Not suitable for heavy work
  • Fewer tools variables

5. Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter Multi-Tool

This impressive power tool will surely deliver a heavier task for your day to day projects. This machine comes with a very strong 4.0-amp motor. So, processing harder wood or metal isn’t a big deal.

Being a heavy-duty machine, one might expect a bigger sized heavier tool. But thankfully not in this case. It’s a very handy tool weighing only 3.3 pounds. It’s corded but still pretty light to work with. The decent size will let you use it with your hand normally.

As it’s a corded oscillator tool with a strong motor, this is a match made in heaven. It has got the reputation for finest cutting as it comes up with 5-degree angled oscillation. The angle also can cut the metals with better speed, making the workload quicker and easier.

Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter Multi-Tool
Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp

Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter Multi-Tool

Rockwell Sonicrafter comes with 31 multiple-use tools but it doesn’t end here. One of the best features in this tool is its Universal Fit System which makes it accessible for other blades from prominent brands. Some of the companies provide up to 3 years warranty for this.

It has also got speed variables. It can vary between 11000-20000OPM. Being a speedy machine with an angled blade it becomes very useful for the finest cutting & sanding.

Another feature to like about this machine is less noise and vibration due to its modern technology. The less noise and the vibration is less so it gives you good control over the tool. It also cut faster.

Rockwell is mainly recommended for its superior blade quality and changing the blades are easy. It’s also useful for light and heavy renovation work. To me this is one of the almost perfect products. The only reason we are naming this almost perfect is the adjustment and the changing blade’s difficulties.


  • Strong motor
  • Universal fit system
  • Very light
  • Good blade quality


  • Changing the blade could be difficult
  • No cordless option

How Does an Oscillating Tool Work?

The multi-tool works by moving an attachment that comes with it at a high speed in a rotating back and forth motion. This motion allows for having precise control with minimal vibration. Attachments can be saw blades in various sizes and shapes, grinding disks, and types of sanding pads for the oscillating multi-tool. Best Oscillating Tool

Most manufacturers come up with their own standard interface as these attachments don’t have any. This, however, means that you can’t use one company’s attachments with another company’s tool. But you can still purchase a multi-tool adapter which you can use to interchange attachments of different manufacturer’s tool makers, making your oscillating saw more versatile and serviceable.

These attachments are fastened with a bolt that can be adjusted to be tightened or loosened with the help of an Allen wrench. You can choose to go either corded or cordless models according to your desire, and most manufacturers offer both options to choose from.

For cordless oscillating tools, some manufacturers have introduced the 12 volts platform while some others have gone the 18 volts route. Keep in mind that 18 volts sometimes don’t work the best. You need to do your research before you decide to opt for a multi tool. Thankfully, this review will put some light on that to make your life easier.

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Best Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before getting one. This article explains them under three main points.

1. Type of work

Depending on what you want to, whether it is sanding or cutting or even removing grout, the oscillating multi tool is one with useful features.

For instance, To get control over how steady the tool is and the depth of cuts it makes, you may want one with a porter cable PCE605. It is also removable. Like it used for removing grout, is one with this feature.

The oscillating angle measures how the tool blade can move from side to side. The tools have a range of anywhere between 2.8 and 3.2 degrees.

Basically, the higher the degrees, the more aggressive the tool is. This character often matters more than the ampere rating. For faster cuts, choose a tool with a greater oscillating angle. It is noteworthy to remember that the tools with a lower oscillating angle will run smoother and will offer better precision and control.

Therefore, for DIY projects, the best oscillating tools will have lower oscillating angle. Alternatively, choose tools that offer a variable oscillation speed option. They allow for you to have a soft start and then regulate speed as you wish.

2. Ease of use

You can either pick a corded tool or a cordless one. A cordless tool allows for use within a limitless space. However, since it runs on batteries that have a life of anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes, they may be a disadvantage for work that takes longer. You may need to recharge often or use 1 or 2 batteries which may not be convenient. For DIY projects, choose a corded tool as it will be more comfortable to use.

The best oscillating multi tool for home management is one that will allow you to work without making noise for your neighbors or having to bear too much of it. The Fein multi-master has a minimal vibration which means that it is quiet. The Fein’s multi-master is louder than the Rockwell. You want to make your choice wisely.
Also, remember that you want a tool that is not heavy and that suits your hand size. Corded tools tend to weigh less than cordless ones.

3. Budget

Before making a purchase, you want a tool that you can afford. Many of the tools cost somewhere between $25 and $130. This price difference is a result of factors such as how they cut, sand or scrape. They also present a variety in terms of comfort and convenience.

Ideally, the more expensive it is, the more durable it will be and so for regular use, this powerful tool is the expensive one.

Higher prices also allow for:
• Less vibration which means less noise.
• Toll-free systems
• Comfort and durability

The price is also a factor in the power rating of the tool. Ideally, more power is better when it comes to heavy work and contract jobs.

However, the differences are minor when it comes to power rating. A 1.6 amps tool will also bog down like a 3.0 amps tool when hard pressed.

Corded vs Cordless Oscillating Tool

Now that you have your first project to work on and you want to get started on this one and maybe others in the future here a few things to consider if you are deciding between corded or battery-powered tools.

In weighing your options between the two, in most cases, this is going to be a matter of convenience or power. The capacity and voltage of battery-powered oscillators and corded are that a battery-powered may not have enough power behind them to sustain a larger bit, but improvements are in the works. Corded hold its power for larger bits but you are tied to needing to know where the nearest outlet is and there is always a chance of hitting the cord with one of your attachments, which is the end of your oscillator. In some cases, the cord can be replaced.

When it comes to speed (OPM,) and power, both corded and cordless come in variable speed models so you can adjust to your project and control. The amps are a measurement of how much power it draws continuously in an hour. If you look at the amp’s rating, the higher the number usually means the more power so you may want to consider your personal skill level and uses before getting the most powerful tool on the market. Manufacturers don’t take responsibility for injuries due to purchasing products you cannot handle. Or as my grandpa used to say “the store don’t take responsibility for stupid, son.

Size and Weight may be a factor to consider especially if the work you are planning to do puts you at an awkward angle or an angle where you have less control of the tool. Although improvements have been made, batteries can have some weight behind them making your tool heavier to use. You will also have to consider the weight and size of your attachments when you might have to face challenging spaces. Don’t let that get to you because there are attachments to help you out in that situation with smaller bits, blades, and grinders, for confined or unusual spaces.

It is always good to wear hearing and eye protection as a safety precaution but some manufacturers write in their specs if there are any features involved to reduce noise in the brand you are looking at as well as reduced vibration. Old school models could have vibrated your fillings out back in the day but oscillators have come a long way.

When looking for your pick, remember your outcome is only as good as your attachments. The shortlist is divided up into categories such as metal, polishing, sanding, masonry, tile, and cutting. The sub-categories would be “blades, then material type; metal, plastic, wood, etc. The differences in these materials make a difference in the size or shape of the teeth on your cutting blade. Each of those original categories has a sub-category of its own like the example I just gave.

Types of Attachments Available

Yes, this is the bonus tips. Don’t forget to keep these attachments with you.

There are many types of attachments that go with, such as saw blades in various shapes and sizes, grinding disks and sanding pads. In this review, now I like to talk about the different types of attachments you can connect with your versatile tool.

Blades Attachments

Blades are attachments used for cutting and scraping. You can use it for cutting through many types of materials such as wood, metal, cement, mortar, grout etc. or to scrape off glue or other things from a surface.

Blades for Cutting

There are four main types of blades used for cutting in particular along with some special ones. The 4 main types of blades are described in short below.

Plunge CutterBest Oscillating Tool

A rectangular blade that allows cutting with finer ends.

Rectangular Shaped

This is a more general type use of cutter which you can use for cutting through basically anything.

Round Cutting Blade

This type of blade is good for rolling around corners and grout for less precise cuts.

“I” Shaped Blade

These are used for more precise plunge cuts. These are primarily used for wood but some come with bi-metal plates which can be used to cut through both wood and metal.

There are two types of blades used for cutting through cement, mortar, grouts etc. they are called Carbide blade and Diamond blade. The coatings on the end are different for these two.  There are two different designs as well. The Carbide blade is a rounded blade and the Diamond blade is in the hook design.

Blades for Scraping Off Best Oscillating Tool

There are special blades used to scrape off something from a surface such as linoleum, glue etc. These are blades with no teeth and a sharper edge for pulling up stuck up material.

There are mainly two types of blades used for scraping. Those are called Rigid Scraper blade and Flexible Scraper blade which you can attach to the oscillating tool. True to their names, the rigid scraper blade is not flexible and is good for more demanding jobs such as ripping up linoleum. A flexible scraper blade, on the other hand, is flexible to bend into certain scenarios.

Specialty Blades

There are special blades for scraping off. They are made for cutting comparatively lighter materials like soft wood, cardboard, carpet with precision work.

Sealant Cutter

These work well with removing old caulking from surfaces. This also replaces hand scraping it.

Convex Cutter  Best Oscillation tool

This specialty blade has a rounded edge and can be used for cutting softer materials such as foam, leather, caulk etc.

Concave Cutter

This is similar to the convex cutter with the arc going in the opposite direction for more precision.

Sanding Attachments

The sanding attachments are pretty basic pads used for sanding.

Typical Sanding Sheets

These are the basic sand papers we are used but in a teardrop shape.

Sanding Pad for Tool

These sheets of the sandpaper stick to the opposite side. The holes allow the sawdust to pass through and prevent clogging, buildup and other issues.

Contour Sanding Attachments

These little attachments can be used when you need to work in a tighter space. These bend around circular objects and make sanding intricate pieces much easier to work with. There are many different contour sanding designs to choose from to work on even the most intricate woodwork projects.

Rasp Attachments

Rasp attachments are used for cement board, sheet rock, and other cement-based materials. They work great on concrete counter tops, vertical concrete as well.

There are mainly two shapes the rasp attachments come in. Both are in the triangular shape while one is large and the other one is small. The smaller one can be used for more detailed works.

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Oscillating Tool vs Jigsaw?

Now comes the question of why should we choose a multi-purpose oscillator tool rather than the jigsaw. Jigsaw is definitely handy but it has got its best use for cutting. But an oscillator tool can be used for multiple uses as well. It can do sanding, cutting, scraping even wood polishing.

Some may prefer jigsaw while straight cutting but it will not be helpful for other renovating work. There is a complaint against the oscillator tool that the blades are costly.

Now there are oscillator tools available with professional grade blade. You just need to choose the right one for your purpose. For a homeowner, you may prefer the oscillator tool over a jigsaw. But if you are a professional you might find a jigsaw handy but definitely not for multiple renovating purposes.

One may notice jigsaw may not be able to fulfill renovation purpose all alone. A renovation act involves drilling, scraping or maybe sanding. If you are using an oscillator you just need to change the blade or kit. You don’t need to use a whole another tool for that.

So, in these cases, jigsaw may not be the right choice. Some of the oscillator tools offer angled blades which helps you to do the finest cutting. Jigsaw, on the other hand, can do the straight cutting with perfection. Some may prefer not comparing these two with each other as these two may perform best in two different works. Both are handy for different tasks.

But oscillator tools seemed to be a more modern version of the jigsaw as it incorporates so many other tasks. It is true that you need to know the use of both at a basic level to get your desired work done. Jigsaw is pricier than oscillator tools. Right now oscillator comes with different types of price range depending on its features.

What Factors Should I Consider If I Am Buying A Cordless Model?

If you are opting for a cordless oscillator tool you might want to consider your own way of working and depending on that you may go for the tool that suits you. First of all, you may want to check battery type and life. Like right now in the Li-Ion battery and some goes one or two hours at a stretch.

Now you may want to know how long it takes to charge the whole battery.

Currently, there are oscillator tools which vary 30-60 minutes for getting all charged. Now you may want to check other features of those products as well.

Some also come with both cordless and corded. You may want to have both options for you. If the strength of the motor and battery is not balanced there is a chance your oscillator tool will drain out fast.

So if you choose a tool with 4.2 amp motor you need to check on what kind of battery they are providing. You may not want a large or heavy oscillator tool. If you are going for a cordless oscillator tool you may want to buy a lighter one.

Currently, the range varies from weighing 2.2 pounds to 7.7 Pounds. Mostly the corded ones are big and heavy. Some of the corded tools come with 10 feet long making it all heavy.

Not to mention it may be difficult to work if the tools are heavy. If you currently need to redo your basement you may need to want to buy a cordless oscillator tool with an angled blade as it will be easier to reach out the difficult places. Some oscillator tools are highlighted for its speed.

Currently, the speed variables are from 5000-20000OPM. Some even start from 11000OPM which means the speed range is higher from the beginning. So, if you choose a tool like this you may need to compromise on the battery life for longer work.

The good news is currently the oscillator tools are providing so many options according to your choice. You just need to list down your priorities and go for the right tool. You may want to think about the kinds of tasks you will be doing with your oscillator tools.

There heavy build cordless tools and also for lighter tasks. If you choose accordingly then the tools are going to last longer and it will be worthy of your money.

Tips for Using an Oscillating Tool

Oscillator basically works by its speedy vibration and side by side movement. The interesting thing about the oscillating tool is that it can be used with multipurpose kits so you are not stuck doing one thing. When you are planning to buy an oscillating you may want to plan ahead.

While buying the best multipurpose oscillating tool is important, you also need tips for using it properly.


Check the Grips of Your Machine and Make Changes if Necessary

Some oscillating tools come with a firm hand grip. So, use it for your comfort and work easily with vibration.

If the grip of the machine is not that firms, use cloth or rubber pad to make it comfortable.

It will make using it very easy and let concentrate on the important matters.


Choose the Multi Tools and Use it Precisely

These oscillating tools come with a variety of multi-tools. Some give you options up to 52 kits. Use the right one with the right purpose. Like if you are trying to make a plunge cut and you have both round and straight blades.

You need to choose the straight one because that’s more suitable. But if you are doing a linear cut which is long you may want to use the round blade.

Whatever blade you choose you to have to consider the heat. Continuous use may make the tool heated so you may want to give a short break and also clean the dust frequently.


Installing the Multitool Blades and Maintain it

Installing a new floor is a major part of the home renovation. If you are planning to do that you can use the flush cutting blade for clearing the door jams. It is quite a hard work but flush cutting blade makes it easier for you.

If you size it up the floor pieces with the straight blades according to the proportion then it will make it easier for you to put the pieces on the floor. Sometimes we wonder what could be worse than rusty faucet nuts- almost impossible to remove even with the finest saw. Oscillator tools with speed variables and size variation can be a great tool regarding this.

Some of the oscillator tools come with an angled blade which can reach to any difficult places and also with the speedy motion it is easier to get it done. Wall trimming without damage was a myth before oscillator tools came to save it all.

You can just use an oscillator tool blade. For extra precaution, you can put a metal sheet down the blade and let the blade slide through the wall. When tools are coming with multipurpose tools it gets confusing and it is natural to get confused. In your oscillating toolbox, you may see various types of blades and be sure to use the right one. In most of cases, the blades are for cutting woods or plastics.

For cutting metal the blade is different which is called the Bimetal blade so make sure while cutting the metal you choose the right one otherwise the blades may get destroyed in a second.

Removing the grouts without hurting the tiles is maybe one of the irritating tasks in home renovation. It’s an easy task with complications.


Get the Most out of the Speedo Meter

You can check your oscillator tool’s speedometer and go for the lowest speed and gently remove the grouts behind your tiles. You can also choose the blade depending on the thickness.

You know the saying “cut your coat according to your clothes” here you may follow choose your blade according to task’s length. If you are going for a short task choose a carbide blade and if you are going to work for longer hours choose a diamond blade.

Usually, diamond blades cost some extra bucks than the carbide blade so you don’t want the outer edge of the blade to worn out.


Sharp Unity Blade/ Utility knife

Installing the door is never easy and trimming out shim is time-consuming work. Sometimes it doesn’t even come out neatly.

The usual way for trimming the shim is to cut out the shim using sharp or utility knife. When you own an oscillator tool you can do it easily using the suitable blade. It saves lots of energy and time.


Cordless Oscillator Tool

There are other options than oscillator tool for your home renovation work but one thing for sure that oscillator tool reaches to places where other tools cannot reach.

If you have a cordless oscillator tool you can easily work with your cramp quarters. The blades come with size and thickness variables so it can reach difficult places easily. Extra wide blades are available with some of the oscillator tools.

Understand What the Machine is Capable of

Basically, an oscillating tool can do a lot of works. SO, it has another name as Multitool. It can be used for works like making plunge cuts, undercutting the jammed doorjambs, slicing through fasteners, removing any kind of grouts, removing hard surfaces from floors, walls or any metallic object.

It’s a tool you want to have it at your household for any kind of renovation emergencies. Know what you can do with the machine and use this machine for making your work easier.


Check the Universal Fitting System and Work Accordingly

Some oscillator tools come with a universal fitting system so if you are going to cut something of round shape like a pipe you should use the extra wide blade. The width varies from 2-1/2-in.

You need to be careful about the machine of your motor though. See extra wide blades worn outs the motors. It takes really less time to cut so there is nothing to worry much just frequent brakes will keep the motor strain free.


Use the Scrapper Blades for Easier Cutting and Sanding

You worked hard for your home renovation and did the work that’s needed, does your work ends here? Well, the answer is you need to scrape all the sticky gunk from the floor.

After finishing everything you are there on your floor with a knife scrapping everything. Well, those days are over if you have an oscillator tool.

It comes with a scraper blade which makes the work easier and faster. Moreover, it has got lots of variety of scraper blades. For strong sticky patches, one can use the stiff ones, for gooey patches one can use flexible ones.

Renovating the toilet and the will easy with your oscillating tool. It has tools that easily unbolts the cramped screws of the commode. The scrapper blade will also be useful in this case for slicing from the joint of the commode.

If you aren’t satisfied with the blades they provide you can always go with an oscillator tool that has a universal adapter. Multiple ranges of blades are available online. If you just get a blade from a prominent brand it can be very useful for you.

The most useful kit in the oscillator kit box is the scrapper blade. It can not only be used as a scraping blade but it helps to disjoint anything starting from commode screw to jammed door. If you are doing a task that involves slicing in and pulling it out then scrapper blade is the thing.


The oscillating tool can be very useful for you if you choose the right one and use the right tool. Look for it online and go with the tool that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

After reaching consumer questions from various tool forums, there were some very commonly asked questions that got pretty much the same answers from the experts, so let’s put them out there for you.

Q1. What is the difference between a rotary tool and an oscillating tool?
A: Rotary tools and multi-tools have their similarities but while rotary tools are better at jobs like cutting drywall or circular cuts, the multi-tool is more versatile in cutting multiple materials such as metal, and grout that rotary tools are not the most efficient for.

Q2. Can I use the same battery pack for my new oscillating tool that I use on my drill?
A: Unfortunately that is going to depend on the brand. Each brand has specific requirements for what rechargeable batteries are compatible. You will have to check the specs on the individual brands you are talking about.

Q3. Can I use the accessories from my old electric oscillator on my new battery powered one?
A: It is possible but depending on the brands and age of your “old” one, modifications could have been made since your first one was designed, so it is best to discuss this with your retailer before you give it a try. Safety would be a concern if the models are not compatible.

Q4. What is the meaning of OPM?
OPM stands for oscillation per minute. It is a measure of the speed of the oscillating tool. It is a function of the rotating equipment attached to the head of the mother tool. For example, if a power tool is said to have an 0PM of 22,000, what it simply means is that it rotates 22,000 times per minute.

Q5. What is the required rating of Ampere and Voltage of an oscillating tool?
The voltage and Amperage is usually measured in Volts (V) and Ampere (Amp). The specific rating of power depends on its capacity and the work it has been desired to accomplish. For voltage, the standard depends on the country. Some countries operate at between 110V to 120V, while for Amperage, some power tools have Amperage as low as 1.5Amp and others have Amperage as high as 3.8Amp. The higher the Amperage, the more power it produces.

Q6. Why is vibration dangerous?
A: It is usually important to check the vibration of oscillating equipment, because the more the vibration, the less efficient the oscillating tool becomes. There is even the tendency for the blade attached to the head of the equipment to get broken due to excessive vibration.

Q7. what makes an oscillating tool unique?
A: So many things come into play when it comes to the issue of the uniqueness of an oscillating tool. The fact that it is handy is there. Some can be operated with one hand, while others need the two hands, but they are always handy. Secondly, every multi-tool can be turned into a powerful tool within minutes via the accessory changing mechanism. This allows the changing of the blade in the head f the oscillating tool to different shapes and size for different purposes.

Q8: Are the difference in the products in the United States and Europe?
A: Yes. There is a difference due to technical specifications based on for example the voltage range in your country. This can cause a slight difference in the internal mechanism of the oscillating tool you eventually order. The quality may be the same, but there would definitely be a modification to accommodate the voltage and Amperage differences.

Q9. Does an oscillating tool cut skin?

A: No the tool blade oscillates at a fix oscillating angle. it’s around three degrees, you know. Human body skins are elastic enough to resist this back and forth motion. So this only works at the hard and rigid material.

Final Words

Oscillating multi-tools are great machines to work within both professional and recreational settings, as they provide with an array of attachments to choose from for different purposes. You can call this tool an all-rounder of tools. I hope this review article helped you to get the best oscillating tools, a better grip of the overall available products and its services.

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