Best Oscillating Tool Reviews 2017

Best Oscillation tool

You can call the oscillating tool all rounder of all tools you will ever need for your DIY self. An oscillating multi tool is the most versatile tool you will ever come across with its multitasking ability to smooth, pound, cut, plunge cut, flush-cut, take away grout, and scrape. All of these will be done within a tight space if needed. But How you will find our the best oscillating tool? This is a million dollar question. 🙂

In this Oscillating Tool review article, I will talk about the various aspects of using an oscillating tool and how you can get the most benefit out of using it, be it in your DIY projects or random household repair necessities.

At the end of this article we will get  best oscillating tool buying guide and some bonus tips to pick the best one. So please keep scroll down with patience.

Model Image Specification Price
Fein Multi Master 350Q fein multi master review

70% less vibration

Prevent Over heating

Compact design

Maintain speed while running

Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 review

4.2 Amp Motor

Universal fit system

Cut fast and aggressive

3.3 Pounds weight

Dremel MM20-07 Dremel MM20-07 review

2.3 amp motor

Variable speed

6 Universal Quickfit Accessories

2.9 Pounds weight

Bosch GOP40-30B Bosch GOP40-30B review

Multi-tool versatility

Dynamic accessory range

4.0-amp motor

Tool Kit with 30 Accessories and Bag

Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 review

Variable speed

4.0 amp motor

Vibrafree Counterweight Technology

Constant Speed Control


3.0 amp motor

3 years warrenty

Led light

tool adapter

Genesis GMT15A Genesis GMT15A review

21000 OPM

Amazon Best selling

Cheapest one

2.8 Pounds



LED Work light

20 Accessories


Black & Decker BD200MTB Black & Decker BD200MTB review

Quick resease liver

Easy accessory change

2.5 Amp motor

Up to 20000 OPM speed

Dremel MM40-05  Dremel MM40-05 review

3.8 amp motor

Quick Lock

Quick hold magic flange

2.9 Pounds weight

FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster Review

The Fein Multimaster 350q is currently one of the best multi tools in the market. Manufactured in Germany, it comes with a wide variety of accessories to suit a huge variety of applications such as sawing, grinding, sanding, scraping, and dust extraction. It is the perfect tool for renovations.

Featuring a powerful 350 watt motor and a tacho generator, the Fein Multi tool is able to achieve maximum cutting speeds hence good work progress.

The self supporting motor in the Fein Multi tool is also enabled with an anti-vibration feature which reduces vibration by upto 70 %. The lessened vibration means that noise is also reduced. Ergonomic grip also increases operation comfort over long periods of time.

Its new Starlock Plus clamping mechanism makes for a simple accessory change, the changing feature is tool free making it safer for the operator . The Fein Multimaster 350q is compatible with all starlock and starlock plus accesories. 3 D interlocking of accessories greatly increases the safety of the device. Stability and accuracy is spot-on thanks to the metal gearbox head. The metal head also extends tool life by the reduction in wear and tear.

A tachogenerator keeps running speed constant to make it easier to use especially by new operators, hence delivering the best work results. A long 16.4 feet cable makes it suitable for use in large workshops without unplugging of the device. The Fein Multi tool is therefore able to be used in many places such as homes undergoing renovation, in a workshop or even out in the field. The Fein Multi tool comes well packaged with all the included accessories in a nice box.

Below is a list of pros and cons of the Fein Multimaster 350q:


  1. Efficient power output
  2. No parts which may easily be lost
  3. Simple to use
  4. Safe operation features
  5. Comfortable grip
  6. Easy to store


  1. Expensive attachments
  2. Quite heavy in weight

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Rockwell RK5151K F80 Duotech Sonicrafter Review

Rockwell RK5151Koscillating multi-driver is the first of its genre which provides a choice of two oscillating angles of 5.0 degrees and 3.4 degrees for fast and aggressive cut and precise control respectively. The duotech technology allows the customer to select the best possible oscillation angle for achieving the best performance.

The quick and reliable blade changes thanks to the 1 ton of holding force offered by the hyper lock tool-free blade holding system makes this tool an easy one to work with. The universal fit system can hold all major branded blades for maximum availability.

There is a powerful 4.2 amp motor charged with constant speed control and it will not stall even under heavy load. The package is quite unique and includes 10 accessories inside a hard and nice storage case. The product weight is 3.3 pounds so it is easy to handle and carry around.


  • Duotech technology with two angles for the first time ever.
  • Tool free and faster blade changes.
  • Universal fit system.
  • A powerful force with 4.2 amp motor.


  • Great as a home improvement project tool, not as much as a professional tool.

Dremel MM20-07 Oscillating Tool Review

Dremel MM20-07 2.3-Amp is a corded oscillating multi-task tool. The best part of this tool is, it comes equipped with 6 universal quick fit accessories, including cutting blades and sanding sheets attachments.

The good thing is, the 2.3 amp motor is as powerful as many professional ones. This oscillating tool is capable of variable speed operation, ranging from 10,000 to 21,000 OPM. The product weights 3.8 pounds. There is quick fit for fast changing of attachments without you needing to remove the clamping screw. There is a separate on and off switch for the user’s ease of use. The oscillating tool is backed by a limited 2 years warranty.

I used this tool to re – caulk my leaking camper and it worked beautifully. Due to its fast speed, the working period was cut down to almost half. For a price it comes in, I couldn’t have asked for a better tool for doing simple projects and fixing things around the house.

Two more available models similar but with some extra features –


  • Included 6 universal accessories.
  • Faster attachment change without the need for removing clamping screw.
  • Separate on and off switch.


  • It can’t be used for heavy duty works. Even though the power supply is professional, I would only use this for home projects.


Bosch GOP40-30B StarlockPlus Oscillating Kit Review

Bosch GOP40-30B kit comes with a tool which has next generation 3D tool accessory interface. This produces best in the class accessory grip. The interface delivers a greater torque transfer for an expanded work capacity. It is easy to attach, remove or reposition the blades, thanks to its no-touch blade change system.

The tool provides a 3.0-degree arc along with the professional grade 4.0 amp motor for a top speed of up to 20,000 OPM per minute. The variable speed dial helps you to set the optimal speed and constant response circuitry keeps the desired speed under load.

This weights only 3.3 lbs, so you can easily get into those nooks and crannies. You can even work in darker areas with the addition of a LED light. The multi-tool kit comes with two different types of plunge blades, sanding pad and sheets, accessories and a carrying bag.

One ore available Model Similar but with some extra accessories –


  • Next generation 3D tool accessory interface.
  • Compact and light to work in tighter spaces.
  • LED light to work in the dark.
  • The professional-grade speed with 4.0 amp powerful motor.


  • Does not have a dust collection accessory. Dust collection is important for cutting and a must for sanding.


Rockwell RK5141K Sonicrafter F50 Kit Review

Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 all new kit gives you option of 5 degrees of oscillation for fast cutting along with variable speed for precise control. The 4.0 amp motor offers professional level power. The universal fit system and hyper lock make it easy to change the accessories and the 1-ton clamping force prevents blade slippage.

Moreover, the universal fit system accepts other brands’ accessories, saving you from the frustration of looking for a perfect match. There is a constant speed control which lets you maintain the speed of cut under control. The Vibrafree counterweight compensates for smooth cutting with vibration. LED light is included with the tool for places where light can’t reach properly.

The kit includes the oscillating tool along with 34 different accessories. Of course, you can buy more according to your needs.


  • 5 degrees of oscillation for cutting with variable speed and precise control.
  • 0 amp professional level power.
  • The universal fit system for using other brands’ accessories.
  • LED light for better visibility.
  • Constant speed control.


  • Speed variable not available at a low range as it runs from 11,000 OPM. But this is a minor issue.


DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Dewalt DWE315K is a corded multi material toolkit comes with a powerful 3.0 amp motor for cutting and sanding. You can change the attachments faster with a special quick change accessory system without needing a wrench.

You can see the depth or height thanks to a tool guide system to receive accurate repeatability. The speed trigger provides you with the superior level of speed and better control.

There is bright LED light to illuminate the dark areas for accurate cutting. This kit comes with the corded oscillating tool along with 29 accessories in total, some of which are – wood blades, semi-circle blades, sanding pad and sanding sheets, storage box for accessories, multi-brand adapter for accessories and a contractor bag.

The multi-brand adapter lets you choose most oscillating tool accessory brands. This product is manufactured in China.


  • Powerful 3.0 amp motor.
  • Easy and fast change of accessories without using a wrench.
  • Comes with a tool guide system.
  • LED light for tighter areas.
  • Adapter lets you choose multiple brands’ accessories.


  • The blades are expensive at about $10 a blade and $20-25 for a pack of 3.
  • Blade selection is limited, as these tools are relatively new for the mass market.

Dremel MM40-05 Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Dremel MM40-05 is a corded oscillating tool is amped up with a powerful and high performance 3.8 amp motor for fulfilling all your demands. This oscillating tool cuts through sheet rock, nails, plywood etc with precision and ease.

The quick lock system lets you change the accessories safely and without any tools. It maintains a constant speed throughout the toughest materials and applications. The quick hold magnetic flange holds the accessory in place so you can change the accessories securely.

There is an upfront on and off switch to ensure ease of use through one handed use. This also maintains speed setting control. The tool comes with 3.2 degrees of oscillation angle, which makes it the highest AMP rated tool at its price range. The kit includes 36 accessories. The tool is backed up by a limited warranty of two years.


  • Powerful and professional level motor of 3.8 amp.
  • 2 degrees of oscillation angle.
  • Quick lock system for the fast change of accessories without using any tools.
  • Quick hold magnetic flange to hold the accessory securely.


  • The slider switch is hard to push on and off.

Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Tool Review

Genesis GMT15A is a corded multifunctional oscillating tool is ideal for your home repairing, remodeling and restoring works. This works in sanding, cutting, scraping and grinding with 21,000 oscillations per minute with a 1.5 amp motor. The special 4 pin flange design helps to hold accessories securely in place. The gear housing is made with sturdy die cast aluminum.

The Genesis GMT15 an Oscillating tool package includes 3-inch delta sanding pad, sanding papers, scraping blade, HSS segment saw blade, 30 mm E – cut saw blade and an Allen wrench.

The tool is specifically designed for DIYers and home remodelers and can be used for a variety of options such as taking up vinyl flooring, removing old glue and paint, trimming down door jambs and cabinets etc. You can add multiple accessories according to your needs.

The light weight oscillating tool of 2.8 pounds weight will soon become an essential in your DIY projects, once you get to see its usefulness.


  • Perfect for home remodelers with 21,000 OPM.
  • Holds accessory securely with 4 pin flange design.
  • Light weight with only 2.8 pounds.
  • Comes with useful accessories.
  • Compatible with Bosch accessories.


  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • Bosch accessories are very expensive.


Porter Cable PCC710B Oscillating Tool Review 

Porter Cable PCC710B cordless and battery powered multi-functional tool comes with 20 accessories to help you sort out your DIY game. A nonstandard battery is required to run this machine and it is sold separately. This tool is part of the 20 volts Max system.

The variable speed dial lets you choose from a range of 8,000 to 18,000 OPM. This 2 fingers tool-free system makes changes and adjustments of the accessories easy and fast. The LED light and light weight of 3.6 pounds come in handy for working in the congested areas.

The oscillating tool comes with 20 accessories and a tool storage box, some of which are – sanding platen and sanding papers, Bi – metal blade, rigid scraper, Wood blade etc.


  • This is cordless thus comes with all the benefits you can’t have while using a corded one.
  • Variable speed models ranging from 8,000 to 18,000 OPM.
  • 2 – Finger tool-free system makes changing accessories fast and easy.
  • Light enough to be held for a while.


  • There is no battery charge indicator. This can be a bit of a hassle if you are absorbed in the middle of your work.

Black and Decker BD200MTB Oscillating Multi-Tool Review 

Black & Decker BD200MTB oscillating multi-tool is great for a variety of jobs, as the variable speed dial has six-speed settings, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 OPM to bring you accurate performance.

The 2.5 amp motor can power through the toughest of surfaces such as sheetrock, cement, wood etc. The machine offers 1.4 degrees oscillating angle.

The comfort grips will provide you with better handling and control for best possible results as well.

The tool free blade release makes the accessory changing and adjusting easy and quick. The quick release lever means you don’t need a hex key. There are 13 available accessories to go with this oscillating tool. Included with the oscillating tool are – storage bag, metal blade, rigid scraper blade, sanding base and sand papers along with a quick start guide to get you started in your next big endeavor.


  • Variable speeds dial with six-speed settings.
  • 13 available accessories.
  • Quick release lever removes the need for a hex key.
  • Tool-free blade release offers fast and easy changing of accessories.
  • Light enough to work with all day.


  • Makes annoying vibrating noises.
  • Black and Decker blades are hard to find.


Rockwell RK5121K Sonicrafter Oscillating Tool Review

This electric corded oscillating tool features 3.2 degrees oscillation angle for achieving the best performance with fast cutting and better control. The quick and reliable blade changes thanks to the 1 ton of holding force offered by the hyper lock tool-free blade holding system makes this tool an easy one to work with.

Moreover, the universal fit system can hold all major branded blades for maximum availability of accessories with over 15 types of manufacturer brands. There is a powerful 3.0 amp motor charged with constant speed control and the maximum cutting load is 21 lbs. You can even cut through nails with this tool.

The package is quite unique and includes 31 accessories with a carry bag. Some of the included accessories are end cut blades, Bi – metal and wood blades, rigid scraper blade along with sanding sheets and sanding pad. The rated voltage is 120 volts.


  • The universal fit system lets you choose accessories from over 15 manufacturers.
  • Hyper lock system gives you tool free accessories changing facility.
  • You get to control the speed.
  • The maximum cutting load is 21 lbs.


  • Can’t work in larger and professional work settings.

How Does an Oscillating Tool Work?

The oscillating tool works by moving an attachment that comes with it at a high speed in a rotating back and forth motion. This motion allows for having precise control with minimal vibration. Attachments can be saw blades in various sizes and shapes, grinding disks and types of sanding pads for the oscillating multi tool. Best Oscillating Tool

Most manufacturers come up with their own standard interface as these attachments don’t have any. This, however, means that you can’t use one company’s attachments with another company’s tool. But you can still purchase a multi-tool adapter which you can use to interchange attachments of different manufacturer’s tool makers, making your oscillating tool more versatile and serviceable.

These attachments are fastened to the oscillating tool with a bolt which can be adjusted to be tightened or loosened with the help of an Allen wrench. You can choose to go either corded or cordless with an oscillating tool according to your desire, and most manufacturers offer both options to choose from.

For cordless oscillating tools, some manufacturers have introduced the 12 volts platform while some others have gone the 18 volts route. Keep in mind that 18 volts sometimes don’t work the best. You need to do your research before you decide to opt for an oscillating tool. Thankfully, this oscillating tool review will put some lights on that to make your life easier.

Best oscillating tool buying guide

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before spending on an oscillating tool. This article explains them under three main points.

1. Type of work

Depending on what you want to do with the oscillating tool, whether it is sanding or cutting or even removing grout, the best oscillating tool is one with useful features.

For instance, To get control over how steady the tool is and the depth of cuts it makes, you may want one with a porter cable PCE605. It is also removable. The best oscillating tool, especially for removing grout, is one with this feature.

The oscillating angle measures how the oscillating tool can move from side to side. The tools have a range of anywhere between 2.8 and 3.2 degrees.

Basically, the higher the degrees, the more aggressive the tool is. This character often matters more than the ampere rating. For faster cuts, choose a tool with a greater oscillating angle. It is noteworthy to remember that the tools with a lower oscillating angle will run smoother and will offer better precision and control.

Therefore, for DIY projects, the best oscillating tool to choose is one with a lower oscillating angle. Alternatively, choose tools that offer a variable oscillation speed option. They allow for you to have a soft start and then regulate speed as you wish.

2. Ease of use

You can either pick a corded tool or a cordless one. A cordless tool allows for use within a limitless space. However, since it runs on batteries that have a life of anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes, they may be a disadvantage for work that takes longer. You may need to recharge often or use 1 or 2 batteries which may not be convenient. For DIY projects, choose a corded tool as it will be more comfortable to use.

The best oscillating tool for home management is one that will allow you to work without making noise for your neighbors or having to bear too much of it. The Bosch’s multi-master has a minimal vibration which means that it is quiet. The Fein’s multi-master is louder than the Rockwell oscillating tool. You want to make your choice wisely.
Also, remember that you want a tool that is not heavy and that suits your hand size. Corded tools tend to weigh less than the compact ones.

3. Budget

Before making a purchase, you want a tool that you can afford. Many of the tools cost somewhere between $25 and $130. This price difference is a result of factors such as how they cut, sand or scrape. They also present a variety in terms of comfort and convenience.

Ideally, the more expensive it is, the more durable it will be and so for regular use, the best oscillating tool is the expensive one.

Higher prices also allow for:
• Less vibration which means less noise.
• Toll-free systems
• Comfort and durability

The price of oscillating tools also factors into the power rating of the tool. Ideally, more power is better when it comes to the best oscillating tools.

However, the differences are minor when it comes to power rating. A 1.6 amps tool will also bog down like a 3.0 amps tool when hard pressed.

Types of Attachments with Oscillating Tools

Yes this is the bonus tips. don’t forget to keep this attachments with you.

There are many types of attachments that go with the oscillating tools, such as saw blades in various shapes and sizes, grinding disks and sanding pads. In the Best Oscillating Tool review, I will now talk about the different types of attachments you can connect with your oscillating tool.

Blades Attachments

Blades are attachments used for cutting and scraping. You can use your oscillating tool for cutting through many types of materials such as wood, metal, cement, mortar, grout etc. or to scrape off glue or other things from a surface.

Blades for Cutting

There are four main types of blades used for cutting in particular along with some special ones. The 4 main types of blades are described in short below.

Plunge Cutter Best Oscillating Tool

A rectangular blade that allows cutting with finer ends.

Rectangular Shaped

This is a more general type use of cutter which you can use for cutting through basically anything.

Round Cutting Blade

This type of blade is good for rolling around corners and grout for less precise cuts.

‘I’ Shaped Blade

These are used for more precise plunge cuts. These are primarily used for wood but some come with bi-metal plates which can be used to cut through both wood and metal.

There are two types of blades used for cutting through cement, mortar, grouts etc. they are called Carbide blade and Diamond blade. The coatings on the end are different for these two.  There are two different designs as well. The Carbide blade is a rounded blade and the Diamond blade is in the hook design.

Blades for Scraping Best Oscillating Tool

There are special blades used to scrape off something from a surface such as linoleum, glue etc. These are blades with no teeth and a sharper edge for pulling up stuck up material.

There are mainly two types of blades used for scraping. Those are called Rigid Scraper blade and Flexible Scraper blade which you can attach with the oscillating tool. True to their names, the rigid scraper blade is not flexible and is good for more demanding jobs such as ripping up linoleum. A flexible scraper blade, on the other hand, is flexible to bend into certain scenarios.

Specialty Blades

There are special blades for scraping off. They are –

Sealant Cutter

These work well with removing old caulking from surfaces. This also replaces hand scraping it.

Convex Cutter  Best Oscillation tool

This specialty blade has a rounded edge and can be used for cutting softer materials such as foam, leather, caulk etc.

Concave Cutter

This is similar to the convex cutter with the arc going in the opposite direction for more precision.

Sanding Attachments

The sanding attachments are pretty basic pads used for sanding.

Typical Sanding Sheets

These are the basic sand papers we are used but in a teardrop shape.

Sanding Pad for Tool

These sand sheets connect with the oscillating tool and the sheets of the sandpaper stick to the opposite side. The holes allow the sawdust to pass through and prevent clogging, buildup and other issues.

Contour Sanding Attachments

These little attachments can be used when you need to work in a tighter space. These bend around circular objects and make sanding intricate pieces much easier to work with. There are many different contour sanding designs to choose from to work on even the most intricate woodwork projects.

Rasp Attachments

Rasp attachments are used for cement board, sheet rock, and other cement-based materials. They work great on concrete counter tops, vertical concrete as well.

There are mainly two shapes the rasp attachments come in. Both are in the triangular shape while one is large and the other one is small. The smaller one can be used for more detailed works.

Tips for Buying the Best Oscillating Tool

Keep these tips in mind when you look for that tool before making a commitment.

Get the Required Blades

The tool blades kits come with different styles of blades to be used for different purposes. You should be careful to choose a set of blades that will suit your particular need. If you are working on

If you are working on making a wooden cabinet and get a blade that doesn’t work on wood, it won’t be the oscillating tool’s fault, rather your carelessness for not choosing the right tool for your need. The oscillating tool will work great with a blade that fits right.

Check the Compatibility

Different blades have different degrees of compatibility. Some manufacturers make universal designed attachments which can be used across different brand’s tools. You will need an adapter to attach these accessories. However, there are high-end oscillating blades which can be attached without an adapter.

You need to make an intelligent decision whether you want to choose blades which are compatible with multiple accessories.

Now I will review 10 oscillating tools which are best of the best in the market. which I think will help you choose your desired one.

Final Words

Oscillating multi tools are great machines to work within both professional and recreational settings, as they provide with an array of attachments to choose from for different purposes. You can call an oscillating tool an all rounder of tools. I hope this review article helped you to get the best oscillating tool, a better grip of the overall available products and its services.